3 Unusual Foam Roller Exercises For Neck Massage

You are probably one of those who sit at the desk all day, and end up getting stressed such that the neck requires a message to make it hale and back again. Other times, it could also be as a result of the wrong posture while sleeping.

If you’ve been wondering about some easy exercises that will work for your neck, then this post is for you. Below are 3 foam roller exercises that should be taken into consideration.

1. The shoulder-U

The shoulder-U

The shoulder-U exercise works for both the neck and the shoulder and also relieves you of any form of upper body stress. Lie with your body flat on the floor, and place the ball underneath your chest. Bring the ball close to your right, next to the shoulder joint and then place it under the right armpit, such that it hits the back towards the sides. Now, roll the ball under the armpit between your shoulder blades and work it up and down around the shoulder blades and its entire region. Keep rolling the ball till it goes around one side. Then, you can switch to the other side and repeat the same exercise. Keep repeating until you feel satisfied.

2.The roller thoracic exercise

roller thoracic exercise

The roller thoracic exercise works for the shoulder, neck, and upper back, and prevents pain in all these regions. Lie on top of the roller, and place the roller on your mid back. Then, cross hands over the chest whilst your buttocks is sat on the ground. Now, bring the roller on the ground and place behind you. Take the roller and push it up your back, with your buttocks still on the ground. Remain in that position for a while, and bring roller high upwards. Then, work your way upwards from the middle to the upper back region. Repeat the process.

3.The chest rollout

chest roll out

The chest rollout is an easy exercise that can be done by anyone, even starters. It helps to tighten muscles of the back, which in turn works on the neck. It also works effectively on the chest, as its name implies.

In this exercise, you will need a foam posture ball. Place the ball on the floor, and keep your face downwards; the ball should be on your chest, close to the region of the shoulder joint. Now, move your hands on the top of your head, and bring them downwards, towards the legs.  Bring your arms upwards and downwards, to see the ball digging into the chest muscle. Remain in that position and feel the tightness before repeating the process.



Asides relieving you of the stress or pain in your neck, these exercises would help to strengthen the muscles of the neck and prevent it from minor injuries. You should give this a try soon.

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