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5 Easily Missed Symptoms of Stress

Stress in life is both beneficial and harmful. The differences between beneficial and harmful stress are to be symptoms that are easily noticeable yet associated with other things. Stress as a whole affects all aspects of your life including; your behaviour, your emotion and your health. When stress crosses the beneficial-harmful line certain changes occur in these aspects of your life and these are what we refer to as symptoms of stress.
Knowing what to look for makes it easier to know if what you perceive as stressful is helping or harming your body and if you are technically “under stress”
5 easily missed symptoms of Stress include:-

1. Headaches

One of the most common symptoms of stress is headache. Especially constant or reoccurring ones. Stress-induced headaches usually appear once you think of the stressing factor or move into the stress-inducing environments. Helpful stress should not induce frequent or reoccurring headaches when they start doing so it’s time to take action.

2. Frequent Colds

Frequent colds and other things such as shingles or even diarrhoea usually point towards a declining immune system. The immune system only begins to decline when stress is overwhelming the body. Therefore, whilst you keep visiting the physician for the relief of that cold or sore throat, be sure to take measures towards effectively managing the stress that led to that.

3. Avoiding Others

Think deeply about the last time you didn’t want to be around people. What was the true reason? If you have done that you probably might have a reply like “I just wanted to be alone for a little bit” or “some people can be so overwhelming” or perhaps something else along that line. Man is a social being and as a rule would feel the need to interact with others. However, in times when the brain feels you are being overwhelmed in any way it sends signals that make you feel the need to be isolated. Finding ways to escape others is a symptom of being “under stress”.

4. Pessimism

Human beings are different. We all have different traits and different personalities. However, regardless of how melancholy you are on a normal basis, stress in its harmful levels would lead to a downward spiral of even your thoughts and beliefs. Do you find yourself believing the worst of everything even more so than usual? This might be an indication that you are under stress.

5. Easy irritability

When stress begins to overwhelm the body, you begin to unconsciously find ways to relieve yourself of it. One of the easiest ways to relieve yourself of emotional stress is crying or even shouting. This is why when you are “under stress”, the mind itself tries to provide relief by reducing your tolerance threshold so that you indirectly have opportunities for you to find some relief.

Remember that these symptoms may also be pointing to other physical and mental health conditions. Stress can be relieved by removing the stressing factor from your life, certain mental exercises, relaxation techniques, physical exercises or even taking a break. If these measures yield no relief please be sure to seek the counsel of a physician.

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