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4 Ways to Keep Corporate Wellness Plans Realistic

Corporate wellness has got to be about much more than simply handing out gym cards and telling people that they need to workout. Going by previous studies,  it appears that one critical success factor corporate wellness, is keeping plans realistic. This means understanding the dynamics of motivation, individuals needs and what it really means to be healthy and well in the first place. Taking these factors into consideration, here are 4 simple ways to keep a corporate wellness plan realistic:

  1. Goal Setting

While being obese is clearly bad for health, being slim does not equate to being healthy. Thus, it is necessary for corporate wellness plans to have clearly defined goals, targets and some relevant metrics, other than weight loss, by which to measure results. Some more relevant and accurate metrics for measuring health, include blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, body mass index and etc.

  1. Sensitization

Simply hanging out gym cards might not be enough to guarantee the success of corporate wellness plans. Employee engagement has been identified as one of the most important determinants of success for any corporate wellness plan and one way to achieve this is by consistently and deliberately sensitizing staff on the risks and dangers of unhealthy lifestyle choices, and emphasizing the rewards and benefits each individual stands to realize. The probability is that if employees are motivated to do this for themselves, they are much more likely to put their best efforts into it, and stay consistent with the plan.

  1. Focus on the 20%

Despite widely increasing obesity rates, the evidence points very clearly to the fact that less than 20% of all staff employed by any given company, are responsible for the vast majority of the healthcare bills incurred by that company. These individuals are often the least likely staff members to voluntarily take up a wellness program and will probably slip through the cracks of any corporate wellness plan while other fitter employees make the best of the opportunity to get fitter or simply stay fit. While you can’t just single out a few individuals for special attention, you can organize an in-house health screening, which would help to identify the staff who are in the greatest danger, without causing them any undue embarrassment.

  1. Corporate Culture

Corporate wellness must be backed by a total shift in corporate culture, such that the commitment of management to living and being the embodiment of the corporate wellness principles. CEO’s and other executive level managers will have to take the first steps and consistently lead the line with regards to healthy lifestyle choices.

Also, certain aspects of the company’s corporate culture such as the type of food served at canteens, staff outings and corporate dinners will have to reflect this paradigm.


Now that we’ve shown you these four steps you can take to keep your corporate wellness plans realistic, all you need to do is implement then, and in no time, you’ll have a healthier, fitter workforce.

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