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4 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Take Corporate Wellness Seriously

The idea of corporate wellness is probably not one which is commonly proffered as a means for improving productivity and profitability; but what if having fitter, healthier staff could save an organization unnecessary expenditure on insurance or out-of-pocket medical bills? In a world where obesity rates are shooting skywards, accompanied by a host of health complications which not only create discomfort for the affected individuals, but also rob organizations of valuable man power hours, there is a lot of merit to this idea. Read on to see four good reasons why you should be investing in corporate wellness for your organization today.


  1. Healthier, more productive staff

Human resources are every organizations most valuable asset, and having a fit, happy work force is essential for productivity. A certain amount of sick days and sick leaves are unavoidable but they can be minimized if companies proactively look after the health of their staff. Having healthier staff will obviously mean more staff hours and more productivity and it also stands to reason that if people are fitter and healthier, they’ll be happier and more productive, and make less mistakes. This is backed by science which shows that people who exercise regularly are generally more alert and sharper in the hours after exercise than people who do not, and over time, they show significant development in the parts of the brain responsible for critical functions including memory, analysis, and problem solving.

2. A stitch in time, saves nine

Some statistics show that seventy percent of illnesses that occur to working class people in the developed world are preventable. Many of these illnesses can be directly linked to obesity and other symptoms of  poor lifestyle choices. Taking the simple step to promote corporate wellness and encouraging your staff to make better lifestyle choices could significantly help slash your medical and insurance bills which is something every organization should be very interested in.

3. Good for bonding

You can organize regular sporting events and outings such as a sports day or you could enter a team into a recreational league, which would help to keep employees physically active even if they might have less inclination to go to the gym or go out for a run on their own. Research into workplace dynamics has shown that when staff pursue common goals such as winning a game, outside the work environment, it often translates into enhanced teamwork within the office, which is something you should be very interested in seeing.

4. Deal with job stress

Stress from work itself is often not treated and in fact, is often not even recognized at all; but studies have proven conclusively that high stress levels could, and do contribute to ill-health and poor job performance. It would therefore pay for management to make sure that proper attention is given to helping employees deal with stress effectively.


Corporate wellness is a very important concept that could help individuals and organizations improve their health and productivity. You should think about investing in the wellness of your staff to improve the productivity of your organization, and cut down your insurance costs. If you would like to arrange for some corporate fitness training for your staff, we would be glad to recommend a trainer that you can trust. Kindly get in touch with us at:

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