4 Principles of Exercise

Even though you probably weren’t thought so in school, but exercise should one of man’s basic needs. It is very important for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Many people have taken the first step by incorporating exercise into their daily lives. But it doesn’t just stop there. There’s more to it.

Here are 4 principles of exercise that we’ve put together to help guide you through your everyday workout routine and to make sure that you fully benefit from all the training that you’ve been doing.

1. Aerobic


Jogging, swimming and walking fast are all examples of aerobic exercise. As you get your heart pumping, the amount of oxygen in your blood improves, and endorphins, which act as natural painkillers, increase. Meanwhile, aerobic exercise activates your immune system, helps your heart pump blood more efficiently, and increases your stamina over time.

2. Interval (Anaerobic) Training

interval training

If there’s one thing that recent fitness researches have thought us, it’s that the best way to condition your heart and burn fat is not by walking or jogging steadily for an hour. Instead, it’s to alternate short bursts of high-intensity exercise with gentle recovery periods.

This type of exercise can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities.

3. Strength Training

strength training

Most people tend to overlook the importance of strength training and that is to their own detriments. Strength training not only helps strengthen your muscles, but it also helps keep you healthy in every aspect.

The weight should be heavy enough that this can be done in fewer than 12 repetitions, yet light enough to do a minimum of four repetitions. It is also important not to exercise the same muscle groups every day. They need at least two days of rest to recover, repair and rebuild.

4.Core Exercises

core exercise

In case you didn’t know, your body has 29 core muscles located mostly in your back, abdomen, and pelvis. This group of muscles provides the foundation for movement throughout your entire body, and strengthening them can help protect and support your back, make your spine and body less prone to injury and help you gain greater balance and stability.  Pilates and yoga are great for strengthening your core muscles. There is many DVD’s outs that can help you with this that can be fun and enjoyable. Personal trainers are trained in this and can give you some guidance.



It is important to breathe and really focus on the muscle you are trying to work. See the muscle, as you want it to be.  You would be surprised how much faster you would reach your goals if you would do this.  The body releases the most amount of growth hormone right when you start working out.  This will maximize your muscle gains and if you were also doing some cardio, you would do this after your weights.

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