4 Lunch Breaks Workout You Can Do

In our world today, we cannot dispute the fact that a number of us have the whole of our 24hours fixed, and we hardly do have spare time for ourselves, let alone for workouts. This has become the major excuse of so many people today, especially those that are really willing to go into fitness.

Many times, we unconsciously envy that celebrity and model in TV adverts, wondering if we would ever attain such lovely physique or have such younger face.

What many of us do not understand is that there are many other exercises to be done that won’t require you a luxury of time. Yes, you read right; you can stay fit even with your busy schedules.

Below are 4 workouts you can do at lunch breaks

1. Chest stretchChest stretch



The chest stretch exercise strengthens and stretches the muscles of the chest and can be easily done while sitting on a chair or even standing. Sit on a chair and keep back erect as much as possible. Stretch both arms to the sides, and keep hands parallel to the floor at all times. At this point, you should feel your chest rising, after which you should bring your arms back to the original position and repeat for 10 times or more.

2. Lunch break leg lifts

Lunch break leg lift


You will need a table or a desk to do this. Stand tall and straight beside a table, and keep the hand by the table’s side on its top. Then, raise your legs to the sides, and try to stiffen your abdominal muscles as much as you can, together with the muscles on the outer thigh, and ensure you keep your hand parallel to the floor. Your body should get support from the other hand on the top of the table. Repeat this 10 times, and do same for the other leg. This exercise works mainly on the lower limb; it tones the muscles in the outer hip section, shapens the buttocks, and also provide strength.

3. Knee Bends

Sit on a chair, with your back erect, and hands firmly on the arms of the chair. Bring your knees closer to your chest; keep them close as much as you can, and return to the original position. Repeat for 10 times or more. This is one very easy exercise that shouldn’t be skipped; it is welcoming and relaxing. It works majorly on the abdominal muscles and the legs.

4. Wall push-ups


 Wall push ups

Wall push-ups are similar to floor push-ups, as they have almost all the same benefits but since it won’t be logical to do floor push-ups at work, wall push-ups might be the best option to go for during lunch break.

Like its name, you will need a wall for this. Stand in front of a wall; allow your palms to rest on the wall, at shoulder level. Try as much as possible to not arch your back while you do this. Now, lean forward, and move back to the original position. Keep repeating this for as many times as you can. This exercise helps to strengthen the chest.


Mentioned above, are four interesting exercises that you can do at lunch hours without stress. We cannot always spend the 1hour lunchtime to eat; try to squeeze out about 10 to 20 minutes, for workouts.

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