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4 Eye Exercises For Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the optic nerves and reduce vision and sometimes, it erases the vision completely. There are two known types: open angle and closed angle.
Open-angle occurs when there is an increase in intraocular pressure, squeezing tissue on the optic nerve, and reduced blood flow to cells in the eye that cause them to die. Closed-angle, on the other hand, is as a result of decreased blood flow to the optic nerve, which also leads to the death of cells. The most common type has been known to be the open angle glaucoma.
However, the health of the eyes can be maintained, by doing some eye exercises. These eye exercises will help to improve blood circulation in the eye and gradually work towards an effective vision if done regularly.
Below are four eye exercises for glaucoma

1. Palming the eyes


Palming is a soothing and amazing exercise for the eye that can be done anywhere and anytime. Close your eyes, and rub palms together vigorously till they generate heat. Now, place both palms gently on your closed eyes, without putting pressure on them, and feel the warmth penetrate. This helps to relax the eyes and relieve pressure, which will contribute to good blood circulation.

2. Sunbathe

Sunbathe allows the heat of the sun to penetrate into the eyes and work on them. Sit outside, and lift your head to face the sun, with your eyes closed. Let the warmth from the sun bathe your face, and penetrate through. The heat functions to open all blocked fluid channels in the eye, for an easier circulation of blood and lesser pressure in the eye.

3. Flashing

Flashing is experimental, and it functions to stimulate the tissue located in the anterior chamber of the eye, known as the trabecular meshwork. Get a very dark room, and sit in front of bright light; ensure the switch to the light is not too far from you. Start by switching off the light, inhale, and switch it back on. Then, exhale, and switch it off again. Keep repeating the process for about 30 minutes, and keep doing so regularly. It gets the trabecular meshwork to react to the increase and decrease of light, and subsequently, improve vision.

4. Isokinetic exercise

Isokinetic exercise is not a common type of exercise and very few people know about it. It is a kind of exercise that provides a variable resistance to a constant limb movement, and a perfect example is riding a stationary bicycle. The rate of this exercise should be constant, or very close to being constant. This would keep the demand of the body constant also and there will be an increased circulation throughout the body, including the eyes.


If you are suffering glaucoma, the above eye exercises should be a part of your daily routine. There is effectiveness in consistency, so if done daily, there will be a vast improvement in your vision

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