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4 Unhealthy Ways To Eat Healthy Food

Sometimes, healthy nutrition is not only about what you eat, but also has a lot to do with how you prepare what you eat. Most people make the wrong choices in how they prepare their food and thus, even though they try to eat as much healthy food as possible, they may not benefit fully from these foods. Here are 4 healthy foods and the common mistakes you might be making in preparing or eating them:

1. Vegetables

steam vegetables
One the biggest mistakes you can make before eating your vegetables is by microwaving or boiling them. If you want them warm, the best way to prepare them is by steaming.
Steaming unlike other cooking methods helps retain the nutrients that we all need. Cancer-fighting nutrients are found in most vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

A plant compound called Sulforaphane is what helps your body fight against cancer and it needs an enzyme called myrosinase to help release it, but most cooking methods apart from steaming destroy this enzyme.

2. Strawberries

If you always slice your strawberries before eating them, you might need to stop that. It is advisable to eat them whole. A research done in 2011 showed that whole straw berries contain 8 to 12 percent more vitamin C than the cut fruits. This is simply because vitamin C begins to break down immediately it’s exposed to light and oxygen. Also, cool temperatures help retain vitamin C.

3. Wine

Keeping your wine bottle open and exposed reduces its benefits for your health. Wine has benefits which include decreasing depression, increasing testosterone and a improving heart health. But when exposed, these benefits are greatly reduced.

4. Tomatoes

heated tomatoes
Tomatoes are better when you eat them after they’ve been heated up than when served raw. People often assume that since they’re vegetables, serving them raw is the best choice. This is however not true.

Tomatoes have been said by experts to be very helpful in fighting prostate cancer, lowering risk of stroke in men and preserving brain power with age. This is because of they have a high level of lycopene. Heating tomatoes will significantly increase their lycopene levels. And for an even bigger boost, cook tomatoes with olive oil.


As said earlier, eating the right foods isn’t enough. You need to know how to actually prepare your food well in order to benefit fully from it’s nutrients. And this is why you need to start preparing your food yourself. It’s better and healthier that way.

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