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4 Foods To Avoid When You Have An Enlarged Heart

An enlarged heart, a condition also known as cardiomegaly, is a medical condition that causes the heart to become abnormally big. It is observable on a chest x-ray and usually occurs due to a defect present in the heart.

Some foods, when taken, worsen this condition and could lead to a heart failure. Below are some of the foods that should be taken in a very low quantity or even be completely discarded.

1. Sodium


The function of sodium in the body is to maintain the balance of water in and around the cells. The amount of water in the body increases with the amount of sodium that is ingested. Due to excess storage of water, there will be swelling of the lower extremities and apnea (shortness of breath).

These symptoms, will cause the heart to work harder and can result in hypertension or heart disease that could possibly lead to heart failure.

Generally, it is advisable to eat low quantities of foods that contain sodium but in the case of an individual with an enlarged heart, it’s best to keep sodium away, entirely.

Salt is a perfect example of foods with sodium. The higher your intake of salt daily, the more risk you face of heart failure.

Other examples of sodium-rich foods incldue processed meats, vegetable juice, salad dressings, cheese, chips, and so many more.

2. Fat-rich food

fat food


Too much intake of fat daily isn’t in any way helping the heart. Excess fats in the body can cause diabetes and extra weight that could make an individual obese. Fats, especially those stored in the abdomen region, are likely to increase the risk of any cardiovascular disease which could enlarge the heart.

3. Carb-rich food



Too much carbohydrates in the body can affect insulin function and increase blood sugar levels. An increase in blood sugar levels is the major cause of diabetes, which is known to be one of the leading causes of heart disease. Once blood sugar levels get out of control, heart disease creeps in slowly and might result in cardiomegaly.

4. Alcohol consumption


If alcohol must be taken at all, it should be in very minimal quantities. Alcohol consumption is toxic to the heart, increases blood pressure, raises the level of fats and causes arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat). All of these can lead to cardiomegaly and heart failure. A generally accepted safe intake level of alcohol is two drinks for men and one for women.


The result of an enlarged heart is usually heart failure and thereafter, death, but the risk of death can be lowered if the condition is well managed. Remember to follow the tips outlined in this article, consistently, for best results

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