4 Foods That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re trying to improve your sexual health, there are certain foods that need to be crossed off your diet. This is the cheapest and most natural way to take care of your sexual health.

There are foods you eat that actually contribute to erectile dysfunction, but you could choose today to clean up your diet by reducing or completely crossing off the following foods:

1. Meat

You have to understand that animal fat and cholesterol is particularly bad for your heart, and good heart health is particularly important sexual performance. In order to have and maintain an erection, there needs to be good blood circulation. In fact, erectile dysfunction is one of the early signs of heart problem.

Cut down on the meat and replace it with healthy, fatty fish instead. Fish like salmon and sardines are really rich in omega-3, which are good for brain and heart health.

2. Fried foods

Fried food
I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time that you’ve heard that fried foods are bad for your health. Well, not only does fried food add to your weight, it will also cause erectile dysfunction.

When the oil used for the frying is heated to a high temperature, it becomes some of the worst-unhealthy foods for your heart. And, as said earlier, anything that interrupts with the circulation of blood instantly affects your sexual health.

Fried foods also lead to weight gain, which is one of the major contributors to hormonal imbalance and erectile dysfunction. Try eliminating fried foods from your diet and you can be sure of seeing your sexual health improve.

3. Soy

Soy and other foods generally high in unhealthy fats can affect your hormonse. These foods have an estrogenic effect. Estrogen is a female hormone that men have smaller amounts of, and foods like soy contain substances which mimic this hormone. It is very important that right balance between estrogen and testosterone is maintained in order to wield your sexual health. It’s also important to note that flaxseeds also contain a very high amount of estrogen in it. So you should be careful of how much of it you consume.
However, not all forms of soy are completely bad for you. Fermented soy is a much healthier form of soy you should use. But avoid soy found in processed foods and other products.

4. Alcohol

There are different reasons as to why alcohol is completely bad for your health, but amongst these many reasons, one reason why you must totally stay away from the bar is that alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction. Regularly drinking excessively can lower your testosterone levels significantly. As a guide, having more than 2 drinks a day, could be considered drinking excessively.


The kind of foods you eat has a great impact on many parts of your health, including your sexual health, so it’s important to seriously take into consideration what you eat and in what quantity you eat it.

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