4 Best Callanetics Exercises

The callanetics exercises are low-impact exercises that are characterized by frequent repetitions of small muscular movements and squeezes, to improve muscle tone. An interesting part of these exercises is that you won’t have to spend so much time and sweat vigorously. If you’ve been thinking lately about exercises that will not require so much effort, yet work effectively, then callanetics exercises are one of the best options to go for.
In callanetics, it is believed that the surface muscles of the body are supported by deeper muscles, but many of the workout sessions we do focus more on these surface muscles. Callanetics works on the deeper muscles by using small and precise movements.
Below are 4 best callanetics exercises you can do

1. Plank


Plank helps to develop core strength and endurance in the core and abdominal muscles. Start with a kneeling position, with hands on the floor. Straighten one leg backward, and lift your knees off the floor. Now, lower down the body on your forearms, while you pull your abdominal muscles inward. Ensure your back is flat and your body from heels to head should resemble a straight line. Remain in this position for as long as you can, and feel the stretch on your cores and abs before relaxing.

2. Downward dog

 Downward dog

The downward dog pose helps to stretch the back, hamstrings, and shoulders, and also opens up the chest and gives the body more strength. Get on your knees, with hands placed on the floor. Keep your knees hip-width apart, and hands shoulder-width apart. Inhale; curl your toes under your heels. Exhale; move heels upwards. Then, push your body up while you stretch your arms and legs, leaving your body to resemble an inverted V shape. Now, spread your fingers, and press chest downwards; your tailbone should be directed towards the sky, and lower heels to the floor. Maintain this pose for some seconds, between breaths.

3. Inner thigh tightener

 Inner thigh tightener

Like its name, this exercise particularly works on the muscles of the thigh, to make them firmer. Sit on the floor, with an exercise ball behind you, and knees bent a little. Now, press the arches of your feet into the sides of the exercise ball and remain in that position for about 20 to 30 seconds before releasing your legs. Repeat this thrice before taking a break.

4. Pulsed crunches

 Pulsed crunches

This exercise targets the muscles around the stomach, and abdominal region. Lie on your back, and keep your feet hip-width apart. Lift your knees; place hands by your sides, and ensure your palms are facing the floor. Now, lift your head and torso slowly, with hands, legs, and butt still firm to the ground. Move your head and torso forward as much as you can, and once you have reached your limit, maintain the position till you no longer can. Then you can return to the original position and repeat the process.


Callanetics exercises work on deeper muscles and give rise to an improved posture. There are also other benefits attached to callanetics, and until you start doing these exercises, you might never know how much more you’d be missing out.

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