4 Effective Natural Treatments For Obesity

Most people don’t really see obesity as a dangerous illness and therefore, they take it lightly. The truth, however, is that obesity is not only a serious illness but is also a risk factor for so many other more severe diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, etc.


Obesity also comes along with side effects like pain in the joints which in turn causes a lot of discomfort. The two most common treatment for obesity are proper nutrition and exercise and in rare cases, medication and surgery. The task of losing weight isn’t really always very easy and a lot of people tend to give up easily. These 4 simple natural remedies will help you lose weight without you doing much, therefore making weight loss way easier for you:

1. Keep yourself hydrated the whole day


One of the easiest way to burn calories throughout your day is by keeping yourself well hydrated. Take a glass of water after every 2 to 3 hours. Being well hydrated also helps reduce cravings because sometimes thirst can feel like hunger and most people simply rush to the fridge to satisfy their cravings.

By keeping yourself well hydrated, you’re helping yourself eat less throughout the day. Water also helps you flush out all the toxins from your body. Try drinking at least 6-9 glasses of water in a day.

2. Drink green tea every morning

Green tea

Make it a habit to take in a cup of green tea every morning immediately you wake up. A cup of green tea every morning will help kick your metabolism into gear because of its thermogenic properties. It also contains a substance known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which generally helps you burn calories more efficiently.

3. Go under the early morning sun

A sound mind

Early morning sunlight suppresses the production of certain hormones in the body that causes drowsiness and also helps reduce your cholesterol level. This synchronizes your body clock to your watch and will make you feel more energetic all day, as well as sleep better at night.

4. Have Enough Sleep


One of the most common misconception is that sleeping less actually helps you burn more calories and lose more weight. This is so not true. In fact one of the risk factors for obesity is inadequate sleep. Not only is it a risk factor for obesity, it’s also a risk factor for other more severe diseases like diabetes.

Not having enough sleep can increase your cholesterol levels to substantial amounts, thereby hindering efficient weight loss. Learn to go to bed on time so that you can have enough rest.


These are really simple steps to follow that will surely yield encouraging results especially when coupled with an effective exercise  and comprehensive nutrition plan.

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