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4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

There is so much contradictory information on weight loss and fitness, swirling round the web, that often for the amateur, it is hard to tell fact from fiction. To help you avoid wasting your time and energy on techniques that are only going to set you back eventually, we have compiled this list of the top 4 most common weight loss mistakes, and how to avoid them:

1. Fasting too often


Fasting has a proven effect on weight loss, and the intermittent fasting technique in particular is very effective. Researchers have found that the release of human growth hormone is usually exponentially higher in the hours after a 24 hour fast.

However, you are advised to undertake such fasts on a very limited schedule, as over-fasting will lead to loss of muscle and is also likely to lead to overcompensation when you do eat.

2. Skipping meals to reduce calorie intake

skipping meal

To lose weight, you need to burn off more calories than you take in and this is common knowledge. However, a lot of people misapply this principle by skipping certain meals such as breakfast, thinking that by eating less meals, they are ingesting lower calories.

Although you do lose calories in this way, the evidence suggests that this is actually an inefficient method, because when you skip certain meals, you are likely to feel an increased craving for sugar rich foods such as carbohydrates and you are also much more likely to overeat during subsequent meals.

The best method for reducing calorie intake is not by reducing the volume of the food you eat, but instead by switching out high calorie foods for lower calorie foods. For instance, you could switch your fries for baked potatoes and dump your regular soda for a glass of orange juice.

3. Focusing on cardio alone

cardio to lose weight


Cardio exercises such as running, swimming and walking, are extremely effective for weight loss and improving fitness. This is because cardio causes your body to burn fat and helps to improve stamina; however, doing too much cardio could easily lead to muscle loss which is not something you should be aiming for, as muscles aid in maintaining a high enough metabolic rate to sustain fat burns.

Ideally, you should combine your cardio training with some weight training, which will provide balanced weight loss and fitness results.

4. Cutting out carbs and fats

cutting crabs

Carbs and fats are the two foods most responsible for creating fat deposits in the body and if your intake of these foods is too high, you will be advised to cut down on them. However, these foods also play an important role in the body and while you should avoid consuming them excessively, you should not cut them out completely either.

People who take up a consistent low-carb diet are likely to experience a range of effects that include difficulty concentrating, muscle loss (the body will burn muscle to compensate for the loss of energy), and eventually, possibly even increased insulin sensitivity as the pancreas (which produces insulin) requires some intake of carbohydrates for it to function well.


Now that you know the truth about these four common weight loss mistakes, you can apply the information we have given you, to help keep your weight loss efforts productive.

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