3 Simple Stretches For Beginners

The splits is a kind of exercise that requires so much of muscle flexibility and strength. Due to this, majority choose to believe that it’s a very difficult task, including those that have never given it a try. Split is not a kind of exercise you can jump into at any time, and expect to get it at a go. It requires lots of practice and efforts.

You might have been thinking that your flexible days are far behind you and you are probably on the lane of giving up on splits forever. Good news is, you still have an opportunity to learn it; even in an easy way.

Below are 3 simple stretches you can start off with.

1. Front body stretch

front body stretch

The front body stretch is great for the inner thighs; helps to strengthen the muscles that surrounds it. To do this, pull your feet together in front of your groin, interlace your fingers under your feet. Then, lift your head up, chest out, and kneel body forward. You will feel a stretch in your inner thighs and hips. Remain in this position for some seconds, before repeating.

2. Stretch for hips and undersides of legs


This specifically works on the muscles of the hips and legs that are involved in splits. Start by extending both right and left legs out towards the sides—as much as you can, but don’t stress it. By this time, you will feel the stretch in the undersides of the legs. Then, reach up and over with your right arm, and try to stretch. For a deeper stretch, try to grab your left toe with your right hand. Your gaze should be up and chest out. Repeat the same process on the other arm and return to original position.

From the original position, you can proceed by walking forward on fingertips. Then, stop midway and rock backwards on your extended fingertips. And for a deeper stretch, bend all the way down, with elbows flat on the ground. This is a very deep stretching exercise for splits.

3. Press into splits with a wall

wall to press splits

This exercise makes use of the wall for support and helps to open up the hips. Sit facing a wall, open legs sideways, and place feet sideways against the wall. Press your hip forward, to avoid injury, and be careful about it. Now, you can close your eyes while you maintain the position for some seconds. Place arms at the back of your torso, while it touches the floor and provide support to your body. Move your chest closer to the wall, if you can, to deepen the stretch. At this point, you can now place all your body weight on your backward outstretched arms, and roll back softly.



For beginners, these exercises could be a little difficult and so, a lot of people might just feel like giving up. With these exercises, you have to put in some efforts and determination, for a smooth result.

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