3 Reasons Bullet Proof Coffee Might Be A Bad Idea

By now, you’re probably very wary of anything claiming to provide the ultimate weight loss or fitness short cut; we’ve all seen too many of those that never ended up amounting to much. But is bullet proof coffee just another of such, or is it a very underrated super health food?

Just in case you’re wondering what the heck we’re actually talking about, bullet proof coffee is really just regular coffee mixed with grass fed butter and medium chain triglycerides(a type of dietary fat), taken in place of a whole breakfast. This combination might sound quite unnatural and a bit off putting, but there’s quite a significant number of people who are happy to swear by it.

So, should you drink bullet proof coffee or should you give it as a wide a berth as you can? The evidence is somewhat inconclusive and there are arguments to be made for both sides. In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 3 negative health effects of bulletproof coffee.

#1. Too Much Fat

Too much fat

The main ingredients that differentiate bullet proof coffee from regular coffee are grass fed butter and mono saturated fats. These ingredients have their individual merits, health wise, but together the evidence is that they could overload your system with fats which is never a good idea for people looking to lose weight. This is simply because fats are loaded with calories.

#2. LDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholestrol

Given it’s high concentration of saturated fats, bullet proof coffee could actually contribute to the build-up of low density lipoprotein (the bad cholesterol), which will increase the risk of heart attacks and other complications with your heart.

#3. Starving your body

Don't  Starve

Bulletproof coffee is meant to be taken on an empty stomach, as a replacement for breakfast. The problem with this is that it while bulletproof coffee is quite high in calories, it doesn’t provide anything near the amount and quality of nutrients that you need, particularly early in the morning.

Besides, not eating a full, breakfast could possibly stimulate a pattern of unhealthy eating throughout the rest of the day, as you are likely to snack more and also overeat at proper meals.


On the whole, we have seen enough evidence to suggest that a cup of coffee mixed with grass fed butter and medium chain triglycerides is probably not a great idea for fitness and health in general. While there is no reason to not enjoy a cup of bulletproof coffee every once in a while, if you enjoy it’s unique taste, we doubt you will be doing your health any favors by turning it into a staple.

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