3 Reasons Why Eating Late at Night is Bad For You

We all have those nights when we just feel like devouring food due to a number of reasons. Probably boredom, to quench your cravings, or the most obvious, the sensation hunger. Some of us just live with inconsistent or terrible eating patterns that have us downing anything at any time of the day.Usually, that necessarily isn’t bad thing. What might be bad for you is eating late at night. Especially right before going to bed.

Studies have shown that eating late at night is tied to obesity, increased need to visit the bathroom and unstable sleeping patterns. After reading these 3 reasons, I believe eating late at night would be a thing of the past.

1. Weight Gain

weight gain

One of the most prominent reasons why you should avoid eating at night is weight gain, which can escalate to obesity. Now, you have probably heard of this before, but do you actually know how if contributes to weight gain?

Eating late at night increases your body weight because your metabolism isn’t as active in your waking hours as it is in your sleeping hours. Hence, slowing down the whole metabolism process. And maintaining your weight or losing some of it requires an active metabolism. Without this, you will be more exposed to weight issues. A solution here is, eat 2 or three hours at least before going to bed and free yourself from obesity and the horrors it comes along with.

2. Increased Urination and Excretion Needs


Another reason you should refrain from having late night meals. Late night meals increases the number of times you wake up to visit the bathroom, since you go to bed right after eating, the food is digested only when you are already asleep, after which your body will wake you to go urinate. Eat foods that are rich in fiber and avoid eating liquid foods like soup or fruits.

3. Fluctuations in Sleep Cycle


In extending and complementing the point discussed above, eating at night mounts to chances of not having a full, convenient sleep because as mentioned above, you have to get up frequently to excrete what was eaten shortly. Studies have also indicated this eating habit has serious effects on your sleeping cycle as you might constantly wake up and this might make it harder to fall back asleep. Foods high in sugar content are the best known culprits behind this (if sugar can keep kids hyperactive, it can sure play its part in keeping you alert at night).


It’s important that you adhere to what you’ve read so far for a better health. Try to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed and reduce the chances of having further health complications.

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