3 Dietary Tips for Weight Loss in Dubai



Obesity is a global challenge, with as many as 2 billion of the world’s population suffering from this condition. In Dubai, the stats are even more startling as over 60% of the population (3/5) are considered overweight.

In many cultures around the world and particularly in the Middle East and Africa, being overweight is considered to be a sign or symbol of wealth and success, and so unlike in the west, being overweight might not be considered much of an issue–appearance wise. However, the hidden problem with obesity is all the potential health complications that it could come with.

Serious conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and even depression can all be precipitated by obesity.  So, to lose weight and protect your health, here are 5 steps everyone in Dubai should take:

1. Eat at Home

Eat at home

It can be hard to resist the urge to splurge on junk food when the UAE is literally flooded with both local and international fast food brands such as McDonalds and Burger King. Everyone loves a burger and some fries but the evidence shows that these foods could be significantly bad for health in a number of ways and particularly so for weight loss.

No one really enjoys cooking in all the time, but at least this would give you the opportunity to control all the ingredients you use in preparing your meals. Ideally, you should avoid oily, fatty foods and use less starchy carbohydrates like white rice, in favor of carbs such as potatoes or spaghetti which, unlike other types of carbs, will provide your body with high amounts of nutrients alongside the calories they bring. In general, meals with a high protein and vegetable content are ideal, and if you must use oil to prepare them, use the healthy kind such as coconut or canola oil.

2. Eat Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks

Everyone loves to have a snack or two throughout the day and in some cases, this is actually a healthy habit. However, you will need to watch what you’re eating as some foods contain very high amounts of calories when compared with others.

A bit of chocolate or cake is ok, once in a while, but you can’t afford to make a habit of snacking on such foods, as they are packed with calories. Instead, you should think of eating more healthy snacks such as bananas, apples, fruit bars and etc.

3. Avoid Alcohol

Avoid alcohol

Dubai is still a largely conservative metropolis but on a night out, clubbing or visiting one of the many western style night clubs, there is still quite a bit of alcohol to be had. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a night out, but alcohol is literally packed with calories and virtually, utterly devoid of any nutrients whatsoever.

For people struggling with obesity, it just doesn’t make any sense to make your weight loss battle any harder than it has to be, so stay away from alcohol and have a glass of freshly squeezed, fruit juice or water instead.


Weight loss is challenging for most people even at the best of times, and in Dubai, where conditions such as the searing heat make it even harder, you can do yourself a favor by using these simple dietary tips to help you lose weight and stay fit.

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