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3 benefits of citrus fruits to your health

Citrus fruits which have citric acid as their main component, and hence they are either sweet or sour, and also very juicy. They include grapes, limes, lemons, pomegranate, tangerines, pomelos, and the well known orange.


These fruits are very deeply loved and appreciated, and apart from the service they do to your tongue, they also do service to the health of your body; they are packed full with nutrients and benefits that will be talked about in this article.

1. Fiber

fiber food

Citrus fruits contain soluble fiber which reduces blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. They also contain insoluble fiber which helps solidify digestive waste to pass out smoothly, and also helps prevent constipation.

2. Protects against anti-oxidant damage


Beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, can be richly found in citrus fruits, protecting against the cells’ membranes and other structures being damaged from ‘free radicals’ released from the metabolism of oxygen.

Vitamin c is also another antioxidant found in citrus fruits, which neutralises free radicals before they can damage cells, thereby preventing inflammation which can lead to fatal and long-term diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

Men are advised to take 90 milligrams of vitamin C a day while women are advised to take 75 milligrams a day, and consuming  one citrus fruit can supply more than half of that.


Flavonoid is also another antioxidant found bountifully in citrus fruits, and are responsible for the fruit’s color and bitter taste.

3. Boosts heart function

Citrus fruits are full of potassium, an element essential for heart health, without which you would develop a condition called arrhythmia which is irregular heart rhythms.

4. Better Carbohydrate


Citrus fruits contain simple sugars as carbohydrates so they do not raise blood sugar levels if eaten once at a time.

A measurement is used to measure how likely sugars in foods will raise your blood sugar and sugars in citrus fruits have an index of 40 which is under 55, the point anything above is considered high.

This means you can happily consume oranges without worrying about whether you will put on weight because of it.

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