6 Reasons why you Should Start Boxing for Weight Loss in Dubai

Boxing is a popular sport in Dubai and pretty much the whole world, so it’s probably safe to assume that by now you’ve probably heard a lot about it. Be that as it may, a lot more people prefer to watch boxing on tv than to actually put on a pair of gloves and get into a ring for a round of recreational boxing. We suppose this might be because, if you’re not a professional, then you probably don’t fancy running the risk of a broken nose or black eye from getting hit in the face. This is understandable, but boxing has great health and fitness benefits and you don’t even have to ever step into a ring to experience them.

For people struggling with weight loss in Dubai, we think learning boxing could help you get fit and stay fit and we’re going to show you how.

Aerobic Workout


You have to throw lots of punches when you box (professional fighters throw hundreds of punches in fights), constantly be on your toes to make evasive maneuvers, twist, turn, duck and generally make a lot of motions that are aerobic in nature. In Dubai, this is important as running is not always practical and people need options for other effective cardio workouts. Boxing is one good solution since it is done indoors, away from the heat.

Anaerobic Workout


Anaerobic training offers some different benefits to aerobic training. In aerobics, you would typically do some cardio activity at a modest and sustained pace but anaerobic training is exercise done at a very high intensity over a very short period of time. Boxing generally switches between slower paced motion, tentative movements to rapid, powerful and momentarily sustained movements. The latter is more or less an anaerobic workout and the result is the development of the body’s fast twitch muscle fibers which are involved in explosive movements. This means, in practical terms, your muscles acquire more power. It’s amazing to think that you could be getting a complete aerobic and anaerobic workout at the same time simply by boxing.

Full Body Workout

Full Body workout

Boxing, especially when done at high intensity, uses practically every major muscle in the body, although some are used more or less than others. Obviously, the primary muscles used are those found in the arms (biceps, triceps, deltoids etc) but your core also plays a very important part in boxing. Aside from the key function of stabilizing your body, your core plays another very important role: Boxers know that you can generate more power for a punch when your punch originates with a swivel from the hip (something you might have to be taught), which relies heavily on having a strong core, for proper execution. You will also need to rely heavily on the muscles in your back and legs for strength, stability and balance as you box.

Over time, your arms will show much more visible results than most of the other muscles that are used in boxing, and you certainly won’t develop the quads of a powerlifter but overall, boxing is great for toning your entire body.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective training techniques ever invented and is highly recommended by trainers today. Using this technique, you work out at a high intensity with short, regular rest periods in between. Boxing is one sport that gives a very effective high-intensity interval training workout, particularly if you do it right. This is one of the reasons why the average boxer burns hundreds of calories after a thirty-minute boxing session.

Better Coordination and Reflexes


Better all-round coordination and improved reflexes are two benefits you can enjoy from boxing. Improvements in these areas will probably not help you lose weight directly, but having better coordination and reflexes will make you a better athlete which eventually will help you perform better at sports and other activities that could help keep you in shape.  You might suddenly find that you have an urge to walk a bit faster and generally be more active.

Boxing is fun

Fun with boxing

Boxing can be a lot of fun even if you’re just smashing away at a boxing bag all day long. There’s something about channeling and releasing all that energy that makes boxing so enjoyable, and like anyone who has ever tried to lose weight would know, weight loss can be boring, which is one probable reason why so many people slack off and give up on their weight loss and fitness goals. Regular boxing is such an effective workout that is so much fun at the same time which makes it a very smart way to lose weight and get fit.


All in all, we think learning boxing is a great idea. When you box, you typically experience a full body workout, go through significant elements of aerobic and anaerobic training, and high-intensity training; so if you’re trying to lose weight in Dubai, boxing rules. Period.

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