Why Should You Consider Giving Spinning Classes A Go?

Spinning, which is an indoor group cycling class, is something that people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from. If you think Spinning isn’t for you or tried it and didn’t like it, here are some reasons to try Spinning that will change your mind.

Burn More Calories:

Spinning will make you push myself. If you’re left to my own devices, sure you’d work out; but you would definitely go easier on yourself and put less time in. Spinning classes help motivate you to work harder and get a better workout than you would on your own. If motivation is an issue for you, or you’d rather walk when running starts to feel tiring, then Spinning class could be just the ticket you need.


Give Your Joints a Break:

Spinning is a low-impact cardio exercise, which means it’s easier on your joints, including your knees and ankles, than many other forms of cardio. Many people who are rehabilitating injuries or recovering from surgeries are advised to try low-impact forms of exercise in lieu of jarring activities like running. If you have an upper body injury, you can still ride the bike and get a good workout. Even if you don’t have joint issues now, it’s a good idea to alternate your high-impact exercises with some low- and no-impact exercises like Spinning to avoid overuse injuries and give those vulnerable joints a break every so often.

Stay in Control:

Think of your Spinning instructor as a friendly guide for your workout. He or she usually has a general plan in terms of movements, intensity changes and pace, but really, YOU are the one in control. You decide how much resistance to add, how fast to pedal, and how hard to work. This means that people of all fitness levels can take the same class and all get a great workout.



Enjoy the Great Indoors:

Many people love biking and the benefits it provides as a great cardio workout with low-impact on the joints but don’t love biking in traffic on the streets. Spinning will provide the same benefits without the uneasiness of cycling in a high-traffic area that’s unfriendly to bikes. If seasonal allergies or extreme weather forces you to take your outdoor workouts inside, Spinning is a great alternative.

It Doesn’t Cost Much:

Spinning has been around a while and at most gyms, classes like Spinning are included in your membership fees. If your gym doesn’t have Spinning, most locations will allow you to try a class for free. If you commit to Spinning or join a gym that has it, you don’t need any special equipment or attire to get started.

Feel the Energy:

When you’re at a class, chances are that everyone there loves it. That creates a positive, high-energy atmosphere that can motivate you to push yourself and make you feel good about working out. It makes the whole workout experience more fun and helps you feel connected with the people around you, like you’re all in it together.

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