Swim Your Way To Better Abs


Whatever you current fitness level, you can adapt a swimming routine to work with your particular strengths.

Lose Fat

It doesn’t matter how much you strengthen and tone your muscles if you have an inner tube of extra weight around your middle. To maximize your weight loss, combine your swimming routine with a healthy diet. If you increase your caloric consumption along with your new fitness routine, you won’t see any fat loss.

You may weigh the same as your muscle mass expands and your fat reserves shrink.

Improve Definition

Lifting weights or doing calisthenics before you get in the pool is an ideal arrangement for muscle toning and fat burning. While you’re less likely to beat any speed records, allowing for some fatigue, your body will already be primed to burn fat following the preliminary workout. Even if your primary goal is to improve your abs, swimming will automatically work your major muscle groups in a balanced way. Doing the crawl stroke, for example, you engage the neck, shoulders, chest, back, triceps, biceps, abs, lower back, obliques, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.

Work at Your Level

There’s no single optimal swimming program for toning your abs. Instead, adopt a routine that complements your own fitness and swimming ability. As you train, try the breaststroke and the freestyle, also known as the crawl. Most adults should get at least 2 hours of moderate aerobic activity per week.  A beginner’s warmup could include treading water for a few minutes, then stretching outside the pool. To improve steadily, aim for an extra 100 to 200 meters per week.

Calorie Burn

Certain factors, including water temperature, can affect swimmers’ appetites and weight loss. Given the intensive nature of the activity, if you aren’t used to exercise, your appetite will likely increase. Just make sure that you consume no more calories per day than you burn up swimming.

Swimming may burn up from 500 to 700 calories an hour.

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