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Using Dance to Stay Fit and lose weight

In this detailed info on Using Dance to Stay Fit and lose weight in Dubai, you will learn how to take baby steps towards increasing your physical activity. By the end of the article you will be able to look at dance in a whole new way and become fitter.  Below we also provide you with contact details to get in touch with one of Trainer.ae personal trainer who can help create a personalized plan just for you.

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There are so many different types of exercises that are available for a person to do and it can be hard to select what is right for you. You can purchase tapes, equipment, join a gym, or instruction classes. Are they right for the person who is just starting to add more physical activity into their life? It is hard to know what type of physical activity is best for you until you get up and get active. My tip is to start simple. Do not purchase a tape, equipment, join a gym, or an instruction class. If you are not usually physically active these things may be hard for you to keep up with unless you have a qualified personal trainer on hand (Hint, Hint). Try doing something that gets you moving and see if you can keep that up. One activity with many benefits is dancing.

Dancing is a great place to start if you are wanting to get a great workout. No matter what type of physical condition you are in, you can do some type of dance. Here are some of the many benefits of dancing.

Free: Dancing is free! There are many websites that now allow you to download music or listen to music online for free. Find some dance music and add it to your play list. There is not special equipment or clothes needed to dance. Just make sure you wear something that you are comfortable in.

Easy way to time your physical fitness: Health experts agree that you need 30-60 minutes of physical activity every day to maintain your health. If you dance to a play list all of the times should be listed next to the song. Add up the times and you will know how long you are working out. Start small and add another song every other day or so.

Fun: Dancing may not really seem like exercise because it is actually a lot of fun. Select music that you enjoy listening to. Don’t worry about what you look like, just worry about keeping your body moving! Dance like no one is watching (even if they are)!

You pick your pace: When joining an exercise class or watching a video, someone else is selecting the pace in which you exercise. There is no way for that person know what is right for you. With dancing, you select your own pace. Your play list determines the amount of moving you will be doing during your dance session. Start with medium paced songs and move your way up to music that will make you move a little more.

Gets your heart going: The whole point of exercising is getting your heart rate going. Dancing does this. If your heart rate isn’t increasing then dance a little harder or a little longer. It is very important that you keep moving and keep your heart going.

Dancing may not be for you, but there are other types of free exercise. Look online for yoga, tae bo, and aerobics guidelines. Go for a walk, jog, or run. Once you conquer these free types of physical fitness, and you know you are serious about it, think about purchasing some small equipment or joining a gym. Start small and work your way up. You don’t want to waste money on a gym membership and then never go. You also don’t want to buy a bulky treadmill in hopes of using it, and just let it sit there gathering dust. These are purchases you should make farther along in your physical fitness training.


Contact Trainer.ae: get in touch with one of Trainer.ae personal trainer who can help create a personalized plan just for you.

Whatsapp number: +971 56 58 30067    (please send code 1415 and we will get back to you asap)

Contact us : Click here to send us your details.

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