Top 10 Health Benefits of Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises, also called aerobics, are a group of exercises which involve the sustained movement of the major muscles in the body (particularly the limbs) and thereby cause the heart and lungs to work at an increased rate. Good examples of typical cardio exercises would be running or swimming, but even taking a brisk walk would be a good cardio workout.

Cardio exercises are very popular with a lot of people around the world, especially people trying to lose weight or to maintain a certain body shape. A lot of people such as professional athletes and security operatives also need to do cardiovascular exercises regularly because fitness is indispensable for their jobs.

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You might not consider yourself overweight nor be a football superstar playing for Manchester United, but cardio exercises could have a profound impact on the well-being of your body. Here’s how:

#1. Stronger heart

One key fact many people do not know or simply forget is that the heart is a muscle, and as such it can and should be strengthened through regular exercise. Cardio exercises are great for working the heart as they specifically increase heart rate (during performance of cardio activity), stimulate blood flow and help clear the arteries of the so called “bad” cholesterol which is low density lipoprotein, replacing it with high density lipoprotein – the “good” cholesterol.

Just like any other muscle in the body, the stronger your heart gets, the less work it needs to do as it pumps blood around the body, which is good for it in the long run.

#2. Weight management

As is common knowledge, cardio exercises are extremely effective at burning calories and should be a favourite for any serious weight watcher. Aside from directly burning up those pesky calories, cardio further helps combat excess weight by increasing the speed of the body’s metabolism, during which more calories get burned.

#3. Improved breathing

Regular cardiovascular activity will make your lungs stronger and will help improve your breathing in general. The better the flow of oxygen through the body, the better the functioning of the circulatory system and by default, the rest of the body.

#4. Healthier immune system

Cardio exercises are very effective at stimulating the immune system – making it stronger and more efficient. This means people who engage in regular cardio exercises are much less prone to common illnesses and infections. It also helps improve the muscles’ capability to absorb glucose (sugar) and thereby lower blood sugar levels. This makes doing regular cardio exercises a very wise idea for people with conditions such as diabetes.

#5. Improved stamina

Cardio exercises are indispensable for professional athletes or anyone else who regularly performs endurance sports or physically strenuous activities. The more cardio you do, the more your body is able to adjust to enable you to perform these exercises with relative ease. Not only is cardio extremely effective for building endurance and stamina, it also improves oxygen uptake significantly and thus comprehensively improves performance.

#6. Sharper brain

Another major organ that benefits immensely from cardio exercises is the brain. By stimulating increased blood flow, more oxygen carrying red blood cells are sent to the brain in addition to other chemicals which collectively enhance the brain for everyday tasks such as learning, memory retention, decision making and problem solving.

Interestingly, cardio exercises have been shown to improve or have a major impact on the structure of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for the above-mentioned functions. By simply engaging in sufficient amounts of cardio exercises, you could be doing your brain a big favor.

#7. More sweat = better health

The act of sweating is a key function of the human body. Not only does it serve to cool the body down during periods of intense physical activity, but it also serves as a “drainage” system for toxic materials such as cholesterol, excess salt and industrial pollutants which have been absorbed. Sweating even helps prevent kidney stones. Cardio exercises are great for producing bucket loads of sweat and consequently are ideal for keeping your body toxin free.

#8. Improves mental and emotional state

Cardio exercises will give you an almost immediate natural confidence boost. When you do cardio, your body releases endorphins, its natural pain killers and so called “feel good” hormones, which for most people translates into having a confident, assertive and optimistic demeanour – for a while at least.

#9. Better sex life

If you’re a monk or a catholic nun looking for a reason to do cardiovascular exercises, this one may not interest you much. But if not, then take note: cardio exercises will not only help improve your breathing and stamina during intercourse, but will also stimulate the secretion of hormones that will increase your self esteem and drive.

So if your sex life has hit a lull, as commonly occurs in many relationships, perhaps doing some cardio could help spice things up.

#10. You live longer

Considering the various health benefits of cardiovascular exercises listed here, it is no wonder that studies have proven, conclusively, that people who do cardio exercises tend to live longer.

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Whatsapp number: +971 56 58 30067  (please send code 1433 and we will get back to you asap)

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