Golf in Dubai

Turn that Tough Day Out on the Golf Course in Dubai Into Fun!

Before moving to Dubai, i used to love playing golf and did so on weekly basis.  After moving to Dubai UAE for a while it was tough for me to go regularly.  I was not alone, lots of people go through this and here is my advice on how to overcome it.

Ever been in a golf rut? This happens to everyone, mainly because golf is hard. Typically, golfers like to challenge themselves and go low, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.That’s the game of golf though, no day is ever the same and there is always someone better. Practice makes perfect, well that’s what some people try and say at least! So what does it take to get out of this golf rut?

  1. Maybe a bit cliche; yet keep on going and never give up! Yes, it may sound like a standard tip but it is true, if you don’t keep practicing you’re never going to get better. Leaving your golf clubs in the garage is not going to help you improve or get over this hump at all!
  2. Remember to have fun! Out on the golf course remember to have fun, it’s the most important part of golf and for most of us the reason we started golfing in the first place.To help all the women golfers out there sometimes grabbing a new outfit it all it may take to get yourself feeling a little more stylish out on the golf course. Plus, it doesn’t help when you know you are out there feeling good and getting that boost of confidence. Also, bring some of your favorite golf partners to get you back in the swing of things. Friends, plus golf are the way to go even if you are not going low!
  3. Leave the pressure at the clubhouse. A lot of new or even older golfers tend to put pressure on themselves when playing the game. No one is perfect! You can always reflect on some of the golf professionals who are missing 3-foot-putts and think to yourself it happens to the best of them. This can boost your ego enough to give you the confidence to keep going. Step out onto the green confident!

Remember do not let the bad shots that happen over and over again keep you from coming back to the fairways you love. Think about all the times you make that 12-foot-putt or you chipped in an amazing shot and those are the shots that will keep you coming back for more!


What’s next?

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