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Could Kickboxing Help Me Lose Weight?

Exercise, especially intense cardiovascular types that utilize the major muscle groups, burns a lot of calories. Kickboxing qualifies as a moderate to high-intensity cardiovascular workout that burns calories and helps you build muscle tone.



Kickboxing combines moves from boxing, martial arts and aerobic training to deliver a total body workout. Classes usually follow a format involving a 5 to 10-minute warmup, punching and kicking drills interspersed with athletic conditioning and a five-minute stretch and cool-down.

Weight Loss

You must burn about 500 calories more than you consume in a day to lose just 1 lb. per week. Coupling exercise efforts with a low-calorie diet can accelerate weight loss. A 135 lb. a person will burn about 350 to 450 calories in a 50-minute class. So, assuming you are not eating more calories than your body burns, if you add in a kickboxing class at least three times per week, you can burn about 1,200 extra calories per week.

If you reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories daily in addition to the kickboxing, you can lose 1.34 lbs. per week.


If you must modify many of the moves, you may burn fewer calories in class and weight loss will be less significant. At the same time, avoid giving into the group mentality and working beyond your capability. This can lead to injury, and if you are sidelined from exercise, you’ll need even more time to reach your weight-loss goal.


Some kickboxing programs promise they burn up to 800 calories per hour. Although it might seem you can increase your workout intensity by holding dumbbells while throwing punches, this actually compromises your form and could lead to injury.

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    Looking for a kickboxing lessons near Dubai Mall. Do you have anyone who can teach? Prefer a female instructor.

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    Great work. I really like kickboxing and would love to find a good instructor. Do you have female kickboxing teacher for downtown Dubai?

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