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Top Tricep Exercises To Help You Build Bigger & More Toned Triceps

Have you been training endlessly and just dying to achieve well defined powerful strong arms? Building and maintaining  a strong set of triceps isn’t easy but when you make it a primary priority it will happen!

It is important to train safely and be informed rather than causing major injuries.

Triceps – Three Different Heads:

  1. Medial Head
  2. Long Head
  3. Lateral Head

To build the arms you desire it is essential all three of these heads are targeted regularly as you exercise. The exercises below are suggestions you can incorporate into routines that will target all three of the heads.

Triceps Dips.

How to do it :

  1. Personally I would start by sitting on the chair or platform
  2. Pointing toes forward slide your body of the chair or platform but continue to hold the edge with both hands.
  3. Hold yourself up with arms
  4. Keep your body close to the chair
  5. Slowly lower your body as you bend your elbows behind
  6. Ensure your arms are supporting your body weight
  7. When you’re lowering your body, make sure triceps are parallel to the ground
  8. Hold for 2 seconds
  9. Repeat the exercise

Overhead Lateral Triceps Extensions

How to do it :

  1. Take a seat on a bench
  2. Begin by raising left arm vertically overheard
  3. Bend arm to the elbow
  4. Lower the dumbbell sideways behind your head
  5. Hold this position and go back to starting possition
  6. Swap arms and repeat


Reverse One-Arm Cable Triceps Extensions

How to do it :

  1. Use a cable station machine
  2. You can choose to use one or both arms
  3. Tuck your arm(s) and elbow(s) tightly into your torso
  4. Focus on not moving your upper body
  5. Grip the handle with palm of your hand facing upwards.
  6. Bend at the elbow(s) and squeeze triceps when you reach the bottom
  7. Hold position then begin to slowly raise the cable back up
  8. Repeat exercise.


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