The Top 5 Mistakes You’ve Been Making While Trying to Gain Muscle

It’s completely fine to make mistakes while working out, we are humans after all; but what if you don’t even know you are making mistakes as you train? This is one common reason why a lot of people do not experience the muscle gains that they expect, or would like, when they train. Read on to see the top 5 mistakes most amateurs make in training, and what to do to avoid them:

Insufficient Calorie Intake

Insufficient Calorie Intake


Muscle building requires a healthy amount of calories, which is one of the reasons why muscle building is good for weight loss—because it helps to burn the calories stored in fat. When you’re trying to bulk up, the rules are pretty much the opposite of what to do when you’re trying to lose weight: you have to take in more calories.

Not Eating the Right Food

Not eating the right food

Doing the opposite of what you would do if you were trying to lose weight does not mean, you should simply go out there and eat just anything you can find. The most effective foods for building muscles will be high quality proteins such as lean meats, fish, eggs, yoghurt and cheese, whey, and soy.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

No enough sleep

Sleep is a crucial element of any fitness plan, whether you are trying to lose or gain weight. Sufficient amounts of sleep are required for the body to recover and rebuild after exercise. Heavy muscle training without sufficient recovery and rest will not only likely be ineffective, but could also depress the immune system and lead to frequent minor illnesses which would set your training back.

Doing Isolation Exercises

Isolation Exercise

Most beginner muscle builders have a tendency to hit the gym and go head straight for the first pair of dumbells they set their eyes on; however, for beginner trainers, the evidence suggests that calisthenics—exercises using body weight—are more effective for muscle building. This is because most body weight exercises are compound exercises which stimulate the release of higher amounts of Human Growth Hormone. Calisthenics have limited potential for building size, though, and after a certain point, you will make better muscle gains by using incrementally heavier weights.



Over-training is a classic rookie mistake that could very easily set your training back by days and yield very limited results. To understand why this is so, you must understand how muscles grow: when you work out, your muscles sustain tiny tears and then grow by making slight increments to muscle fibers, in the process of repair which is what leads to the visible increment in muscle size. When you over train, though, some muscle fibers sustain tears that take too long to heal, which prevents you from continuing your training and eventually even when the torn muscles heal, you might have lost the gains made in other muscle fibers.


If you follow the tips we’ve outlined here, you are nearly certain to blast through the obstacles you’ve been facing, and achieve the muscle building results that you desire.

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