Three negative effects of red meat on your health

Meat is the flesh of animals that is eaten as food and there are many types of which red meat is one, and as the name suggests, it is any meat that is red in colour before cooking.

They were generally considered to be healthy years ago but now over the past few years, they have been found to have some harmful effects on our health.

Some of the harmful effects of red meat on our health are:

red meat

1. Heart and other cardiovascular complications

Red meat contains a chemical called carnitine which is converted into trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) by bacteria in the intestine which in turn damages the heart and can cause heart and other cardiovascular diseases.

Trimethylamine-N-oxide can also cause atherosclerosis which blocks arteries by depositing fat and other materials; which can also lead to heart muscle failure and a heart attack.

2. Increased risk of breast cancer in women

Red meat preparation involves adding hormones or hormone-like compounds which binds to specific hormone receptors on tumors in the breasts of women, causing them to develop into cancer.

In a recent study with a group of ninety thousand women, a part of whom were given more than 1.5 servings (or six ounces) of red meat per day, had nearly twice the risk of developing hormone-sensitive breast cancer than those who ate three or fewer servings per week.

3. Increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease can happen when iron is stored up in the brain, destroying nerve cells in the brain so brain communication is hampered and dementia sets in.

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that causes sufferers to slowly lose their memories, dementia. which starts to happen from around the age of forty onwards.

Meat is chock full with iron meaning an excess of meat consumption can cause iron to be stored in the brain, destroying the myelin sheet (fatty tissue that coats nerve fibers)of nerve cells and hence disabling them.

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