How to get rid of Insomnia without taking dugs

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health and has been termed by some as the ‘third pillar’ of health (after exercise and good food). Unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected and undervalued.

A majority of people do not get the recommended amount of sleep per day (7-8 hours) for avoidable reasons but some people naturally suffer from a disorder that causes them not to sleep called Insomnia, which can fortunately, be treated. If this is you, then read on to see the top four ways to get you sleeping.

lack of sleep

1. Regular practice of yoga

Insomnia can happen if there is a combination of stress in your mind and intense physical strain on your body.

Yoga has been proven to work on people with insomnia by relaxing your mind, breath and muscles so your mind is slowed down to get you sleeping.

The breathing and relaxation in yoga, relaxes our mind and body.

 2. Having sex

After having sex,  the hormone prolactin is released which induces a deep feeling of sleep and is the reason why people after making love, usually end up sleeping together.

This is especially effective for people with anxiety or stress that will not let them sleep, or sleep disorders such as insomnia.

3. Regular exercise

Regular exercise helps you sleep better and has even been proven to work on people with sleep disorders (such as insomnia).

When you exercise correctly, your body becomes tired and fatigued, so you are forced to rest and go to bed.

Just make sure you do not exercise within two hours of your bedtime.

4. Reduction of afternoon naps

Afternoon naps are generally very healthy and recommended, but for someone suffering from insomnia it is not because, when a sufferer of insomnia takes an afternoon nap, he’ll find it very difficult to sleep at night.

So avoid it.

If u must nap, do not let it exceed thirty minutes and do not do it after three in the afternoon, and make sure you strictly stick to your afternoon nap schedule even on the weekends.

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