The Top 6 Worrying Signs That You Are Stressed Out

Life is full of stressful situations; from work to school, and even family life, the potential for stress to accumulate is quite significant. Now, stress is not always such a bad thing, and in fact, it can even help you in a number of ways; but too much stress could lead to the onset of other health issues and complications and when you reach this point, you might need to take a break or even seek medical attention. Unfortunately, we are not always able to tell when we are under stress as the body usually finds a way to adjust to increased stress levels. However, there some “silent” signs of stress that should have you worried when you notice them:

1. Inexplicable headaches


Sudden headaches that occur when you’re least expecting them, such as during the weekend or on a holiday are a major tell for stress. You would think that you would get migraines at the particular point in time when you’re most stressed out, but while this is possible, a phenomenon that occurs more frequently is the onset of migraines that occur when your body goes through a period of relaxation after a prolonged period of stress.

2. Increased menstrual pain for women


The exact nature of the relationship between stress and period symptoms in women is not scientifically clear but there s a strong indication that stress can affect the functioning of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for controlling the pituitary gland, which is directly responsible for the regulating the secretion of hormones in the body.

By this process, stress can exacerbate menstrual symptoms such as pain and cravings for sweet foods; so, if you notice that your period cramps are worse than usual then perhaps your body is trying to tell you to cut back on the workload or whatever it is that is leading to stress.

3. Jaw pain


Stress can create tension in muscles all over the body including the face, and when this happens, you might feel some pain. Pain in the jaw, though, is a particularly common symptom of stress because when stressed, most people clench their jaws without even realizing it.

4. Difficulty sleeping


If you’ve ever had the experience of being tired, yet unable to sleep, then you know just how frustrating stress-induced sleep deprivation can be. When you’re stressed out, your mind stays active even when you’re on your bed and trying to get some rest. One reason why this may be is because stress is basically the body’s preparatory reaction to perceived threats.

5. Frequent Colds


Most people don’t know that stress can depress the immune system quite significantly. In fact one significant sign that your body is stressed out, is experiencing frequent onsets of simple illnesses such as the common cold. Perhaps more worryingly, stress can actually worsen the symptoms of any illnesses or medical conditions you might already have; so if you notice a sudden decrease in your health, for no obvious cause, perhaps you just need to take some time off to relax your mind and let go of some tension.

6. Moodiness and Depression

One major mental effect of stress when it is not properly dealt with for a lot of people, is the development of moodiness, depression and other mental conditions. Moodiness and depression are, themselves, risk factors for developing further complications and illnesses.


You don’t have to let stress ruin your life; while any of these symptoms could actually be indicators of another health condition, sometimes all you might need is just some time to take your foot off the pedal.

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