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The Top 5 Energy-Boosting Foods For Exercise

Exercise remains one of the most effective methods for losing weight and increasing stamina, but the irony is: you’re going to need to expend a lot of energy in order to achieve these goals. Many people struggle with their workout routines simply because their bodies are under-supplied with energy. There are a few foods that will genuinely improve your exercise performance and help take your fitness gains to the next level, and you should read on to learn more about the top 5 energy supplying foods for exercise.



Everyone knows that coffee somehow helps to keep you alert and keeps you awake even when your body is crying out for some sleep. But did you know it could also provide energy for your workout? In fact, the caffeine in coffee is such a potent source of energy that for many years caffeine was considered a performance enhancing drug for athletes, with benefits including reduced reaction times, improved focus, and increased endurance.

All you need to do to enjoy the energy boosting benefits of coffee is simply have a cup or two before you go out for your run, or head to the gym. The effects of caffeine have been proven to last in the system for several hours and you don’t have to drink it right before your exercise.



Bananas are an excellent high energy food that are also extremely healthy. Unlike coffee, there is zero risk of you becoming addicted to bananas and you can eat as any of them as you would like. Ideally, though, you should eat one or two bananas within a 2 hour window prior to working out.

As an additional tip, eat a combination of coffee and bananas within a 2 hour window after exercise—the anabolic window when the body absorbs nutrients much faster—as the combination of carb high foods and caffeine has been proven to replenish glycogen stores by up to 66% faster than other meals.

Peanut Butter sandwiches


Peanuts are an extremely high energy food and in peanut butter that energy is compressed and delivered as a potent dose of exercise-boosting nutrition. You can have a peanut butter sandwich before and after your workouts, and you could even combine them with a cup of coffee and some bananas for maximum effect.

Peanut butter sandwiches provide the perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates that will not only provide your body with energy, but will aid in post exercise recovery.

Dark chocolate

dark chocolate

Chocolate is an energy rich food that has acquired a somewhat justifiably bad reputation for being harmful for health. As much as we do agree that the more popular brands and types of chocolate are probably best avoided, particularly if you are already facing a challenge with your weight, dark chocolate is much healthier than other types of chocolate and a few squares of it will be enough to power you through your workout. As a bonus, it also has benefits for your heart and other organs.


These foods are nutritious and high in energy, and best of all they are usually very common and easily accessible. Remember that for best effect, you could use a combination of some or all of these foods both before and after your exercise.

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