Sports : How to Become a Basketball Trainer

Basketball trainers hold important jobs on the sidelines and in the locker or training room. They help train basketball players in strength and conditioning. Trainers can work in high schools or colleges, with professional teams, or in health care or rehabilitation facilities.

Understand basketball thoroughly

Having an understanding of the rules, regulations and general flow of the game of basketball is beneficial prior to finding a job in the basketball industry.

Attend college

To become an athletic trainer, you need to obtain an undergraduate degree in athletic training. Your studies will likely include anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition in both classroom and clinical settings.

Intern with a basketball organization

Acquiring an internship as an athletic trainer at a high school or college or with a professional basketball team will give you insights on how the job works, help you to build contacts and allow you to indicate on your resume that you have previous experience working in the basketball field.

Obtain your certification.

All states and a vast majority of employers require that you pass your board exams prior to beginning employment. Certification is obtained through the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

Study for a specialized certification.

The International Fitness Professionals Association offers a course specific to the basketball industry. This certification prepares you to work in strength and conditioning specific to the sport of basketball.

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