Health : Sea Salt Cleanse Benefits and Dangers?

A sea salt cleanse, also known as a salt water flush, is a part of a program called The Master Cleanse. A sea salt and water mixture, combined in a ratio of 1 to 2 tbsp non-iodized organic sea salt with 1 liter of warm water, is consumed on a daily basis. The website claims that this cleanse has several health benefits, including detoxification and weight loss.


In this article you will read the pros and cons of sea salt cleanse, what you choose to do with the information gained afterwards is entirely your choice.


Weight Loss

According to The Master Cleanse website, the sea salt cleanse has a laxative effect that can cause as many as seven bowel movements or more after drinking the salt water mixture. Initially, the bowel movements, the website explains, consist of the mixture itself, and then is replaced by the expulsion of solid wastes.

It is important to remember however these diets and cleanses are naturally extremely low in calories, which can be the actual cause of the weight loss.


The main goal of the sea salt cleanse is to detoxify your body, removing supposed “toxic” waste products that can cause health problems. The Master Cleanse site explains that after the fairly immediate expulsion of the salt water mixture, you will experience a number of solid or semi-solid bowel movements, along with some diarrhea.

Theoretically, these solid wastes have been trapped in your body for months or years, causing a slow-drip of toxins into your system.

Improved Bowel Function

Detoxification via a sea salt cleanse is also suggested to create a feeling of “lightness” due to the excretion of months or years of waste build-up. As a result, The Master Cleanse explains that your bowel function improves and promotes the production of healthy bacteria that improve your immunity. Using a Master Cleanse on a regular basis, according to the site, prevents waste from building in the digestive tract.

However, constant cleansing routines such as The Master Cleanse can actually increase the risk of damage to the bowels.Salt-water

Considerations and Cautions

A cleanse should only be undertaken with the supervision of your physician. A sea salt cleanse in particular can increase the risk of becoming dehydrated. The Master Cleanse site also adds that to be successful, a sea salt cleanse should always be performed on an empty stomach and should only use salt that contains no iodine. Stay well hydrated during any cleanse and be sure to jot down a list of all the medications, including natural ones, that you are taking.

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