5 Ways Laughter can Help Relieve Stress

Laughter is an excellent method for dealing with stress and in fact, according to research, laughter provides a full-scale workout for your muscles and unleashes a rush of stress-bursting endorphins. Since your body cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter, anything that makes you laugh will have a positive impact. If you’re still wondering if laughter really can help you deal with stress, and how this might be possible, read on for the details:

1. Laughter helps to sooth your mood

Being moody is a something almost everyone experiences from time to time but that does not make it anymore bearable when you feel that way. Moodiness can affect our everyday lives in a number of significant ways, from affecting our relationships with loved ones to even depressing the immune system and leaving you vulnerable to illness. The good news is that all you have to do to deal with moodiness is laugh.

As stated earlier, your brain can’t always distinguish between a real laugh and a fake one so when you go ahead and laugh for no reason, your brain will respond by sending signals to release the hormone responsible for the feeling of happiness, which is usually associated with laughter.

2. Increases personal satisfaction

One of the sources of stress is an overall dissatisfaction with one thing or the other. Sometimes it helps to just let go of all your pent up feelings and have a good laugh whatever it is that is bothering you. Laughter, like tears, are one of the bodies coping mechanisms–designed to aid people to get through certain situations.

3. Helps you connect with people

Surrounding yourself with the presence of loved ones is a very smart and effective stress management technique but no one lies to hang around a moody person, and you might be driving people away from you without even realizing it. Laughter, though, helps to draw people to you and in fact, studies have shown that laughter makes people seem more attractive to other people.

4. Helps you relax

Studies have shown that the right amount of laughter will help you stimulate circulation as well as aid muscle relaxation, both of which help to reduce stress.

5. Serves as a form distraction

There will always be situations and circumstances that could easily put you under pressure and make you feel stressed out but as we’ve said elsewhere in this article, all it usually takes for you to get rid of that stress is to simply laugh out loud. Think of something that makes you laugh and focus your mind on it for a while. Be sure to do this anytime you find yourself in a state of stress and rest assured, you’ll reap the maximum benefits.

In conclusion…

Laughter is one simple thing that could have a massive impact on your stress levels, and could help you relax when things are getting a little to tense. Even if you can’t find something funny to laugh at, you can simply fake a laugh and find that your brain will do the rest.

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