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Five Things About Your Job That Could be Stressing you out

One smart move for dealing with stress is being able to identify the various factors that may be contributing to your stress levels, and unsurprisingly, work has been fingered as one of the prime sources of stress. Perhaps you once thought of your work as being your dream job but now dread getting up in the morning and going to work because you feel so stressed out just thinking about work.

Understanding the ways your job might be stressing you out is something you need to do to help you get back to loving what you do and being as productive as you can be. Read on to see the top four ways your job might be making you feel stressed out:

1. Fear of being fired


The thought of being laid off from your job is undeniably a significant factor that can greatly increase your stress levels. To get around this, you should have a frank and open talk with your supervisor to see how they view your work performance. Be sure to actually work on improving yourself and following through on any feedback you get, as this will help build your confidence.

A lot of people also suffer form what is known as “impostor syndrome”, where fully qualified individuals think of themselves as being unqualified for jobs and see their colleagues as being superior to themselves. Studies have actually shown that the majority of people who feel this way, are actually well qualified to the work they do. So don’t waste your time and stress your mind and body, by scrutinizing yourself mercilessly. Relax and focus on doing what you love to do.

2. Constant harassment by superiors


Harassment from superiors is a very common work related source of stress. A lot of people feel their hearts skip at the mere sight of their boss simply because they have come to expect to be berated at for any or no reason at all. Just the thought of how embarrassed they make u feel in public might be causing you to stress-out all the time.

If this is the case for you, then you need to either file a complaint with HR, or find somewhere else to work as your boss’s attitude and behavior might be causing you to feel stressed out, with serious implications for your health.

3. High workloads


When you signed up for the job, you probably expected a heavy workload, and perhaps you’re even fine with that; but whether you realize it or not, an excessively heavy workload will put your mind and body under quite a lot of stress. Perform a candid evaluation of your workload and if you think it might be a little unreasonable, then you should have a talk with your boss about making work more manageable for you.

4. Discontent with salary

Studies have shown that vast numbers of employees feel underpaid for the work they do and are  consequently demotivated. Being demotivated at work could be a major contributor to stress and if you are feeling demotivated because of your salary at work, then you will need to either re-negotiate your salary with your boss, find a better paying job, or simply adjust your own salary expectations.

5. Poor physical working environment


Working environment can play a very big role in the amount of stress we feel at work. An unkempt looking office has the potential to distract and unsettle the mind for a lot of people, and a rowdy atmosphere may have a similar effect. Working under such conditions might very well be causing you to feel stressed out.

In conclusion…

Stress could easily have a number of seriously deleterious effects on your health and you should take care to avoid piling on stress, particularly from your job. You can use the tips we’ve shown you here to evaluate your working environment for stress.

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