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Puppy Training in Dubai

  1. Puppy Training Classes in DubaiDubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and along with it attracts people from all walks of life.  More and more people are bringing their pets along or are purchasing a companion from many of the pet stores in the country.  This is the main reason, has brought in some of the best dog trainers in the world to Dubai to help train your dogs in the best possible way.  We offer dog training classes in Dubai for Puppy, Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced.

    Puppy Classes in Dubai from one of the top dog trainers in UAE

    When it comes to Puppies, Learning social skills and teaching basic training in Dubai cannot be started early enough. First thing for you puppy are the fascination programme in Dubai but right after you got that sorted, you would want to enroll in our puppy training class in Dubai. Puppy classes are geared to help you build relationship with your dog and can be very important in understanding how he or she learns.  This is the main class, which will help you learn some basic manners very important for productive relationship. recommends before you enroll your puppy in a class, have a free session with our world class puppy trainer in Dubai.  This is the typical schedule our puppy master trainer follows:

    1. Exercises are broken into small sessions suitable for puppies to learn and normally are individually suited.

  2. Important steps are taking to make sure Puppies and people are relaxed and happy.
  3. We do not use Punitive methods or equipment. We also believe Choke/check chains, tight slip collars and prong collars are not necessary.
  4. We try everything in our power to make sure noise is kept to a minimum – puppy just like a small child don’t really learn from shouting. When puppy is barking,  it indicate that the dogs are stressed.
  5. Our Instructors are extremely approachable. They are friendly and gentle and look for the best interests of owner and the little pup.
  6. Although we conduct classes, which vary in numbers, the best way to fast learning are our one on one puppy training sessions in Dubai, which involve just you, our top trainer and your pup.
  7. Our trainer has been working with puppies for so long, he has developed methods to suit the dog and handler in question. We have learnt to not only use praises for motivation but Food and toys are also used as motivators.
  8. We get you and the puppy to playing sessions as soon as possible but these sessions are carefully supervised and controlled.  These playing sessions are combined with gentle and effective training.
  9. Remember, sooner you get your puppy the proper training, quicker you will get your relationship to the next level. puppy trainers are here to help you, book your Free lesson today.


Let our Puppy trainer help set you on the path of love with your puppy.


Whatsapp number: +971 56 58 30067 (pls mention code Puppy79)

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We do all the relevant checks for you. All trainers from have the right visa and are fully qualified to train your dogs.

Get in touch with us today, one on one dog training available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Ajman, Al Ain or RAK.


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