The fitness benefits of Roller-skating

Socializing and burning calories at the same time? That is perhaps an unusual combination when it comes to city life. But the fitness benef [...]

The best roller skating in UAE for kids

UAE families looking for fun and fitness can speed around these cool rinks that offer roller skating for kids If you’re looking for a bit [...]


LEARN TO SWIM WITH TRAINER.AE Age: 3+ years for swimmers who are not consistently swimming 5 – 10 meters on their front and back without b [...]

When to Start Swimming Lessons for Kids

If you have a pool at home, you may wonder what the right age is for your kids to start swimming lessons so they can enjoy the water and be [...]

Swimming Lessons For Special Kids With

Swimming has a myriad of benefits for all children, but learning to swim is particularly beneficial for children with special needs. General [...]

Kids Swimming Lessons With

We teach kids the correct way to swim so they’re safer, faster. is a highly-successful, fun and innovative way for your child t [...]

Let your body and mind enjoy all that Pilates has to offer:

Our Certified and experienced coaches will help you to start an excellent preventative technique to strengthen and stabilize your core muscl [...]

Get Tennis Training from

Whatever your age or your ability, we can help you improve your tennis skills with our Tennis Coaching. We offer both group and individual l [...]

Private Roller Skating lessons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Private Roller Skating lessons in Dubai. You will be provided with a Roller skating instructor who has outstanding experience dealing with c [...]

12 scientifically proven reasons Pilates is an all-inclusive ticket to your peace of mind

After practicing Pilates for 5 years and teaching it for 3 years I’ve seen changes in my body and mind as well as observed the same transf [...]
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