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There has been a boost in sales in online skate shop Aus wide recently, and there is no reason to wonder why skating is one of those past time hobbies that are becoming popular again. Not only is it really fun but it also gives you a great cardio workout. There are also many benefits that come with roller skating that you might not have even thought about. Below we’ll go over out top three health benefits that you can get from roller skating


  1. It doesn’t affect your joints. Many people who enjoy cardio workouts know the big impact they can have on your joints. Particularly the strain and damage they can easily cause to your knees. Skating provides you with a fluid set of motions, which in turn prevents you from putting too much strain on the knees and helps you avoid damage to your joints. Roller skating is a great way to do the same movements that are similar to the ones you would get from running or dancing, just without the harsh impact on your joints.
  2. It uses a lot of your muscles. Many of us are concerned about muscle development as we all want to look and feel good when those summer months hit. There is nothing worse than getting into a bathing suit and not feeling good about the way you look. Skating engages a whole range of muscles, including your legs and glutes that come with the movement. Your arms and core also contract and move, since skating urges you to balance yourself while you are going through the different movements.
  3. It burns a lot of calories. If you are someone who likes to take care of what goes into and out of their body, then you might not be aware of just how many calories roller skating actually burns. Most people would agree that roller skating is one of the most fun cardio workouts you can get so you might not even realize how many calories you’ve burned. Unlike a treadmill where time can seem to go really slow if you combine roller skating with good company and music you are sure to be relaxed and having a whale of a time. You can easily wear a heart rate and calorie counting wristwatch and watch those numbers soar just after a few laps!  Roller skating is one of those things that is partially fun and partially a workout and it’s healthy too. You can try roller skating at a professional rink where they can supply you with skates, or you can just as easily skate outside. You might want to practice a little first to get the hang of it. You can find great skates and accessories at online skate shop Aus wide where there is a whole range of skates to choose from. Roller skating is also a great way to get the family outside if you are someone who is concerned that your kids are spending too much time indoors. This is one activity that will never go out of style.

All the classes are an hour long and if you like the first class you can subscribe to the complete package.
You can call us 971565830067 or WhatsApp at 971565830067 to set up an introduction/register class and start ASAP.

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TRAINER.AE Intermediate Skating Class is an 8-week course.

Things that will be covered are: Backwards Skating? Transitions? Backward to Forwards? Crossovers etc

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