Whichever training route you choose, Private or Group,

it is important for players to discuss with our coaches and understand which type of training

can help them improve the most.



  • Good for fixing a specific problem or develop a particular part of your game that requires a good amount of time between coach explaining it and player executing it.
  • Good for beginner-level player that has no badminton training before
  • Good for intermediate/advanced-level player that need specific drills to sharpen the skill



  • Good for increasing speed and stamina because a player can push each other through hard conditioning such as footwork and running session
  • Good for sparring session as the player needs to learn how to play singles and doubles with teammates
  • Important for High-Performance players because they constantly need extra support systems from all coaches and teammates that can only be obtained through group training sessions.
  • Ideally, a combination of Private and Group session on a weekly basis is the strategic training plan for players.
  • Depending upon their own goals and time availability, players need to make sure that the time spent on court is time well spent.


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