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Martial Arts Summer Camps in Dubai

Martial Arts Summer Camp for Youth in Dubai

kids camps in Dubai

The Way of The Martial Arts

Contrary to the popular believe, there is plenty to do for kids during summer in Dubai. We have a martial arts summer camps for kids in Dubai. Use the summer to equip your children with self-defense classes and to stay in shape. Our internationally recognized, experienced, knowledgeable, and certified Dubai based Martial Arts instructional trainers, are ready to teach your children the life lasting martial arts skills.

Martial Arts Youth Camp in Dubai gets filled fast, book a spot for your kids asap.


Whatsapp number: +971 56 58 30067

Contact us : Click here to send us your details we will get back to you asap.



Our camp’s primary goal is to increase the self-confidence and to improve quality instruction, techniques and knowledge of martial arts. The fun and well planned martial arts lessons in Dubai; encourage youth to enrich their lives through fitness of mind and body. This training in martial arts promotes the development of positive personal character. Students will be able to pick from different martial art experiences of Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, and MMA. is the fastest growing summer camp fitness platform in Dubai.  Our some of the best Martial Arts trainers are ready to help your kids gain the life lasting self-defense skills. We offer Personal training, boxing (beginners and advance) , kickboxing (beginners and advance), MMA for adults and children and Summer boot camps for Kung Fu.  We offer both male and female personal Martial Arts instructors for private lessons and group sessions.


Whatsapp number: +971 56 58 30067

Contact us : Click here to send us your details we will get back to you asap.


______________________________________________________________ does all the relevant checks for you. All trainers from have the right visa and are fully qualified to train you.



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