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Martial Arts in Dubai and Judo Training Benefits for Weight Loss

We all know Dubai’s weight problem and at Trainer.ae, we’re trying to hep solve this issue one person at a time. Some people like running while others like hitting the gym.

The demands and requirements of every person depend on a lot of factors, and today we will be considering the role of martial arts in Dubai and the weight loss benefits of judo karate training in the city.

It is a proven fact that there are numerous health benefits that can be derived from judo training. This is an excellent way for overweight women to strive for peak condition and gain self-confidence.

Feeling great physically and mentally is a benefit that comes forth during and after a session of training in this martial art. Knowing that you are in great shape and can defend yourself is an important benefit that comes from practicing this fun discipline.

Martial Arts Dubai

When women train in this modern sport recreationally, the calorie burn can be significant. A typical judo session of ninety minutes can burn over 1,000 calories for a woman who weighs 150 pounds.

When I am consulting with clients in Dubai who are looking to lose weight, I often recommend that they take up martial arts training because it’s not only healthy, it’s a lot of fun as well.

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Judo Is a Great Way for Overweight Women to Get Into Great Shape

This martial art is practiced around the globe. It is gaining more popularity and finding a gym or Dojo to develop skills in this fat-burning activity is easier than ever before.

Getting into shape and gaining confidence are two major benefits that can be gained from regular participation. The basic skills that are taught are how to fall correctly and grip your opponent’s uniform. Learning these basics alone creates an increase of physical and mental energy expenditure.

This sport involves constantly moving your practice partner around the mat. This constant movement will create a greater calorie burn to melt away excess pounds.

Practicing Judo Regularly Will Increase Self-Confidence in Overweight Women

Confidence is a major factor that can help women who are overweight get into shape for life! The meaning of judo is “The Gentle Way.” So though judo is low impact (unlike running, for instance), this sport delivers both phenomenal mental and physical results.

Women of all ages, who’ve been struggling with being overweight, can practice judo continuously. Practicing regularly is imperative for maximum results.

Martial Arts in Dubai – Healthy Alternative to Outdoor Activities

Since outdoor activities are not always possible in Dubai, I would personally recommend martial arts as an alternative to other activities, sports and working out.

All you need for martial arts practice is a mat and a partner you can work with. You don’t need to go out or invest in expensive equipment for this either.

We hope that you consider Martial Arts to be a healthy alternative to outdoor activities in Dubai, and as we mentioned earlier, consider contacting us for the best deals and personal trainer offers for teaching Judo.

If you have any questions or need any help with learning and practicing martial arts in Dubai, please drop us a line on our WhatsApp number below.

Whatsapp number: +971 56 583 0067 (please send code 1596 and we will get back to you asap)

Contact us : Click here to send us your details we will get back to you asap.

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