Dubai Personal Trainer Visa

How to Get a Personal Trainer Visa in Dubai

This guides’ goal is to make it easy for personal trainers in or coming to Dubai to understand the process of training people legally.

It covers the following topics:

  • Can a personal trainer legally train people without a license?
  • Can you open a gym by just renting a place?
  • How do you get a license to open a gym in Dubai?
  • What is the process and requirements for getting a personal trainer visa in Dubai?
  • How to get to do all the work for you, instead of you doing it on your own?

Gone are the days when people could simply come to Dubai and start training people without a valid visa and simply rent a place to open a gym or fitness center. In early 2012 Dubai first started to move towards accreditation of fitness professionals, and by August 31, 2013 it became a mandatory requirement.

Any personal trainer training people in UAE without a license now is doing so illegally. Such trainers can face consequences and the government can take legal action or even deport repeat offenders.

As you read through this document you will find out that the process is multifold. Firstly the employer must be registered and then the fitness instructor must have a no objection certificate along with a valid visa.

To safeguard the public, in 2013 Sheikha Al Muhery, who is the head of private centers and clubs at the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, made it clear gyms must get the authority’s approval before opening.

This in turn has several requirements listed below:

  1. A gym must make a valid application first
  2. Based on the application CID has to issue a No-Objection-Certificate (NOC)
  3. Once the NOC has been received, the application moves on to the Economic Department,
  4. Economic Department will process the application and if all is in order, it will issue a trade license.
  5. Once the license has been issued, an inspector will come and visit the premises and equipment being used to make sure safety requirements are met.

Ms Al Muhery stressed on the fact that coaches and trainers operating and dealing with the public must go through the same visa-vetting process as any other expatriate worker, and their qualifications should be attested by the relevant federations.

Personal trainers will normally require a worker work permit from the holder of a trade license willing to recruit the trainer. (How to get a license is provided with details below or you can simply talk to by reaching out to us today and let us do the work for you – if you pass our exam we won’t charge you anything)

The holder of a trade license willing to recruit trainers for the corporation will have to do the following:

  1. The holder must completely and accurately fill the application form with the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare.
  2. Must Fill in the security form if the type of application requires a security approval. The form must be signed and delivered by hand to the nearest customer service center of the Authority.
  3. When the authority receives the application and the security form, the applications are then sent for security clearance.
  4. Once the security clearance is received, the applicable charges must be paid.
  5. The Authority will then issue the letter.

What types of documents are required from the trainers?

  1. A personal trainer must provide a copy of the passport.
  2. He/she must provide personal photo(s).
  3. Must attach a copy of the trade license from the holder of a trade license.
  4. You must also provide a copy of the statement of employees of the holder of the trade license (i.e. number of people working with the company).
  5. You must also be able to provide a written approval of the federation or concerned association.
  6. You must be qualified to train people and show your qualifications. To do so you must provide the scientific certificates and sport experiences as documented by the concerned official agencies.
  7. You must pay relevant fees and provide a copy of the receipt of fees you paid.

Any mistakes in the requirements above will not only delay your application but can also result in its rejection, requiring you to start the process all over again. Remember, the security clearance is done by a separate agency and the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare does not control the external agency’s timelines.

This detailed guide for getting a personal trainer visa in Dubai is a work in progress and we will continue to add more information over time. Meanwhile, we will be communicating with all the different departments and offices to get more details about the process, requirements and timelines so we can publish them here.

If you urgently need to get your personal training visa and are qualified to train people, you should talk to us right away because we may be able to help you.


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