How to Become an Aerobics or Dance Instructor?

Aerobics and dance instructors are in high demand in gyms, fitness centers, schools, senior centers and even for private lessons. A career in the fitness industry should see above-average growth due to an aging baby boomer population and an increased interest in physical fitness.

Step 1

Attend as many fitness, aerobic and dance group classes as you can to learn more about the industry. Research styles of dance and aerobic classes to find out which ones you love and would feel passionate about teaching.

Step 2

Get in shape through regular exercise, group classes and strength training. Keep yourself active so you won’t struggle teaching intense aerobic classes. Students don’t want to see their aerobics instructor panting and sweating.

Step 3

Make yourself known in the gyms where you want to teach. Become a regular at an area gym, yoga center or dance studio. Once you get your certification, you can approach the gym owners for a job.

Step 4

Research certification programs for group exercise instructors. Most gyms require their teachers to have a group exercise certification from a reputable certification body like the American Council on Exercise or the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Step 5

Apply for the program that interests you the most, pay for the program and obtain your class materials.

Step 6

Study your materials and pass the certification exam.

Step 7

Attend a CPR class. Most gyms and dance studios require you to hold a current CPR certification.

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