Fitness plans Dubai

Hire A Creative Dietitian in Dubai

Hire A Creative Dietitian in Dubai

Staying in shape or burning the extra calories is easy when you take tiny steps in your everyday life. Best way to reach your desired goal is to get help from someone who does it for living. has some of the best personal trainers and dietitians ready to help you live a healthier life.  Below you will find number of different things you can do to burn more calories. The key is to keep yourself moving.  Get in touch with us today and let us help transform your body :

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Simple Ways to Squeeze in Fitness

While an optimal workout combines cardio, strength-training, and flexibility exercises, we know it’s not always possible to squeeze in everything at once. That’s why your first step toward a healthier, more active life is simple: Get up and move more! Even tiny changes in a sedentary lifestyle can make a difference in your physical health and energy levels. Try these strategies to adding a little more movement to your daily life.

Take your meetings on the road: Turn a sit-down work session into a walk-and-talk brainstorm around the block, or schedule lunch meetings at a restaurant you can walk to during the day. When you’re home and catching up with old friends, schedule your phone conversations during times you can walk and talk on your cell phone.

Schedule Walking Breaks

Set an alarm or a computer calendar reminder that prompts you to stand up and take a quick stroll — even if it’s just to the bathroom or the water fountain — at least once an hour.

Make Fitness Fun

Get a group of friends together and take dancing, rock climbing, or tai chi lessons once a week.

Make Commercials Cardio Time

Don’t watch television commercials sitting down. Use them as time to do jumping jacks, stretches, or physical chores until your program comes back on.

Change Up Your Commute

Consider riding your bike or walking to work instead of driving — or park farther away than normal and walk a few blocks to your building. Once you get inside, skip the elevator and take the stairs.

Get Busy

Make your partner happy and Have (more) sex! It increases your heart rate and is good exercise for your ticker.

Get a Dog

Man’s best friend is a proven weight-loss tool: You’ll be forced to get outside and walk your new pet!

Make the Most of Winter

Stuck inside during colder months? Take a family snowshoe hike or a ski trip, have a snowball fight, or take turns shoveling the driveway.  In Dubai you can take the family desert safari, hike in sand or simply enjoy brisk walks.

Discover Your “Dosha”

In ayurveda, the holistic healing system that originated in India thousands of years ago, your mind/body type dictates what type of exercise you’re naturally inclined to. Finding what works best for your “dosha” may help you stick with and enjoy your workouts more.

Grab Your Hula Hoop

This contraption’s not just for kids anymore — it’s the hot new weight-loss tool, and it’s as fun as ever.

Sit on a Stability Ball

Replacing your desk chair with a piece of exercise equipment may not sound like a good idea, but sitting on a stability ball all day can help improve your posture. Plus, constantly shifting your balance works the muscles in your core and burns calories. contact us today and let us provide you with a personal trainer who can help create a personalized plan just for you.


Whatsapp number: +971 56 583 0067 (dietitian3)
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We do all the relevant checks for you. All trainers from have the right visa and are fully qualified to train you.

Get in touch with us today, Group fitness classes and one on one personal training available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Ajman, Al Ain or RAK.  Your health is more important than you know.

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