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Female Personal Trainer in Dubai

Female personal trainer in Dubai

Female personal trainer in Dubai is a growing need for both men and women alike. In the last 12 months, i have seen my workload triple and there is no sign of slowing down. More and more women in Dubai are looking to live healthy and instead of doing it themselves, they are getting help from personal trainers like me.  My main goal is to turn exercise into fun and work closely with some of the best nutritionists in Dubai to provide a balance eating plan. To me healthy living and exercise is not something you do, in order for it to be effective, it should become part of who you are.  The rewards of feeling fantastic and looking amazing are well worth it.


I am a Canadian born female personal trainer and a fitness model currently living in Downtown Dubai. i loved working out and played all sorts of sports in high school and college, in 2006 i became a certified personal trainer and moved to Dubai in 2013.  Moving to Dubai has been a very good move for me as a  successful female personal trainer and fitness model.  My first client was a daughter of CEO of one of the largest companies in Dubai.  A lovely girl who loved eating chocolates and didn’t do much exercise.  I became more of friend who helped her see what healthy eating and exercise does to our body and in a right way, I was able to help her.  Today she is in the best shape of her life and openly gives credit to two people:

Her father



I was able to devote my time to help her  achieve her desired goals of fat loss and body sculpting/toning.


I am not a personal trainer who shows up; spends some time with you and moves on to the next client.  I am motivated by a simple aim  “inspire, lead and teach every person i work with to live lives that cause them to be healthy, lean and strong.”


There may be lots of female personal trainers in Dubai but having the passion and the knowledge to help people is the key.  Since i was a little girl staying fit and sport have always been a number one passion of mine.  I was one of the fastest runner for 100 meters when i was only 6 and as i grew older, i moved on to doing long distance running.  If it wasn’t for an injury, i was destined to make it to the national team.  What i learnt from my injury was that, although i liked running and i was good at it “Getting the right help with training is just as important as training itself.”


Had i worked with a professional trainer who knew what she was doing, i could have trained safely and maybe … just maybe my dream of Olympic Gold Medal would have been realized.


This life changing event allowed me to learn everything i can to train myself and others in safe and fun environment.  I further enhanced my knowledge by completing a degree in sports science from Ottawa University and complemented that with certification in personal training.


My main goal with every client is to get them to be lean, fit and healthy, especially for those who think it is not possible.


About six months ago i started working with a 24 year old who was at least 70 pounds heavier than she should have been according to her age and height.  She was not always like this until she got glandular fever and her health started to decline and slowly over 6 years she gained so much weight, she actually had problems breathing. It allowed me to use all my education and knowledge to create a plan for her.  I also had sit-downs with her family and collectively we all worked on the plan.  I created a plan for the whole family and in 6 months she was able to lose four inches off of her waist.  Her body fat dropped, she not only looked good but most importantly her health was restored.


My main strength is the commitment i make to every single one of my clients. When you  look for women female trainers in Dubai, your goal should be to find someone who puts clients first, charges a fair price and has the track record for getting results.   I have not worked with a single client who did not achieve their desired fat loss goals. My plans are integrated with an emphasis not only on working-out and looking good but something much more .. As a women trainer i understand the whole body health and hormonal balance; which must be understood for my clients to feel amazing from the inside out. I have written numerous white papers on the importance of nutrition and supplements for my clients not as something generic but personalised to each person based on their lifestyle.  For example i know what i need to do with a client who is Asian compared to a women who is an Arab, they have different eating habits and lifestyles, which play an important role in achieving lasting results.


That is exactly what you really need “lasting results”.  The quick weight loss is not what you should be looking for, although i have accommodated my clients to lose quick 10 to 15 pounds to attend a family function but it is always with the understanding that ones the function is over, we get back to the real weight loss goal.


I am a true believer of “however you make your bed, that’s how you lay in it” trust me when i say this, you truly do reap what you sow in all walks of life.


Your weight loss journey with me as a female personal trainer in Dubai in your corner is something you will never ever travel alone.


I will be with you every step of the way,

when you are down, i will help you get up,

when you really feel like biting into that late night 2000 calories cake, i will give you doable tips to eat it or burn it.


People think personal training is where a trainer comes, trains you for a session and the rest is up to you.  This is one of the main reasons “weight loss boot-camps” have gained in popularity. They control what you eat, when you get up, what you do and by the time you come out, you may have lost considerable amount of fat.


I believe in taking baby steps but without zigzagging, the goal always is “healthy living” and toning your body to the best possible shape.   This journey I have traveled with so many clients and am still traveling with more and the lessons I have learned are the motivation I use to guide anyone towards achieving their goals in health and fitness.


We all have one life, we can make the best of it or we can dread it.  i never in my life heard anyone dread “being healthy” or having a nice body.  I have seen people spend so much money on all kinds of things but lots of these same people put their own body last.


Be proactive, book your Free lesson and surprise everyone around you and yourself with the new you.



You will be surprised with the results of personalised planned made just for you.


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Get in touch with us today, Group fitness classes and one on one personal training available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Ajman, Al Ain or RAK.  Your health is more important than you know.


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