Health : Foot Problems That Are Making It Almost Impossible To Walk

Whether it’s high heels or constant exercises that have caused the unbearable pain in your feet you must remember that your feet are made up of around 26 bones and undergo tremendous amounts of stress with every step you take, DAILY. So instead of making your way into work in your heels you might want to shove them in your bag, place on some flats for your journey and only take the heels out just before you enter the office! Ensue you wear comfortable shoes for a longer duration throughout your day, place ice onto your feet  when sore and stay active and flexible.

Are you awkwardly tripping over your own feet and clothes? Ever drop heavy objects on your feet too? This type of clumsy behavior can eventually lead to bruising and muscle or tendon strain.

And although exercise is fantastic for you health, over-training, or a sudden increase in training or trainers tied too tightly can lead to foot pain and chronic foot injuries such as arthritis.


Gorgeous High Heels or Deadly Feet Inventions?

I’m sure you were waiting for this to come up but it’s true, although they are a gift and so pretty to show off on a night out or event, high heels, uncomfortable sandals and even wedges can increase your risk of foot pain. Wearing these for hours on end, for long distances whilst you struggle through pavements or up and down streets only leads to further aggravation and discomfort. Muscle tightness and weakness can lead to poor walking and eventually foot injuries. I personally like to think it’s best to make use of them now, because sooner rather than later, age and weight will eventually catch up with me and I can only day dream about the days when wearing heels was my number one favorite thing to do.

Treating Foot Injuries


  • Plenty of rest,
  • Bag of ice or pees,
  • Compression and elevation of your foot and ankle.

With serious foot injuries physical therapy may also be helpful in strengthening your muscles and increasing joint mobility.


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