Health & Fitness : Are Unicycles the New Thing?

The younger sister of the ordinary bicycle here we have the unicycle, a one-wheeled vehicle.

A little ability to have balance will eventually be important but anyone can choose to try out a unicycle. Beginners at first will stumble and occasionally fall but the more times you train the quicker you’ll progress and see control improvement.

What are the benefits of the Unicycle ?

  1. Burning calories
  2. Learning excellent coordination
  3. Progressing with balance
  4. Increased concentration
  5. Builds core
  6. Increase in health

Environmentally Friendly

The unicycle is an superb mode of transportation, and many citizens use it as means of commuting around their communities. As well as being environmentally friendly, the unicycle means you keep your money inside your wallet as it requires no fuel. With little instruments the unicycle is also cheap to repair.

How fast does the Unicycle go?

The unicycle can reach high speeds of 10 mph. Ideally, beginners are looking to start with a 20 inch wheeler until they master riding the unicycle and maintaining balance.

More information :

  • Height of a unicycle determines the size of the wheel – The higher it is, the bigger the wheel.
  • 20 inch wheel can reach speeds of 5 mph
  • 36 inch wheel can reach speeds of 10 mph

Where to Cycle?

If you’re looking to achieve high speeds, the best place to take your unicycle would be pavements with flat surfaces. When cycling uphill or on uneven surfaces you’ll experience difficulty in balance and similarly see a decline in your speed.

Exercise and Training

The unicycle can be used as a source of exercise, include it in your training program. If you’re cycling over half an hour 3 to 4 days a week it is absolutely a credit to your health. The speed at which you reach is only dependent on how quickly you pedal and as previously discussed the surface of where you cycle.

With experience you can begin to challenge yourself and learn new tricks. Cycle with one foot or even backwards, eventually you’ll be good and confident enough to sign up for unicycle activities.


  • Wear a helmet at all times
  • Appropriate cycling clothing
  • Appropriate trainers
  • Padded gloves
  • Knee pads

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