Four benefits of having sex to your health

Sex is the mating ritual between a man and a woman and is usually a very enjoyable activity, causing incredible sensations of joy and pleasure for both partners. In addition to the great pleasure derived from sex, it also has great benefits to our health with the added advantage of being relatively simple to perform, and requiring not too much effort in comparison to many other health activities. Read on to find out more on the top four benefits of having sex:


1. Having sex improves our immune system

When we have sex, a certain antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA) in our immune system is produced greatly. Immunoglobulin A (IgA) fights off pathogens before they get the chance to affect the body. They are the body’s first line of defense and prevent the need (if possible) for the body to fully activate all of its defense systems. This is the reason why people who have sex regularly do not fall sick very often.

2. Having sex reduces the chances of heart diseases

Sex causes the heart to beat just fast enough to exercise the heart muscles, thereby building them and making them stronger.

Sex also helps keep the levels of testosterone and estrogen balance which is crucial for heart health.

It has been proven in one study that a man who has sex at least twice a week, has a fifty percent lower chance of developing heart disease.

3. Sex helps with weight-loss

This might come as a surprise to you, but if you think it through, it does make sense. All the movements and actions performed in sex take a lot of energy and that translates to a lot of calories being burnt off.  As much as two hundred to seven hundred calories can be burnt off during one session of sex. Sex is another form of exercise

4. Sex makes you sleep better

After having sex, the hormone prolactin is released which makes us sleepy. It is the reason why people after making love, usually end up sleeping together.

This is especially effective for people with sleep disorders or with anxiety or stress, that will not let them sleep.

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