Cycling Around Dubai, UAE

The Dubai government are currently installing a lot of cycle paths- with a great one already from Arabian Ranches to Bab Al Shams- an amazing ride.

Why not try out the Meydan Cycle Park a converted camel racing track. It’s features including 3 separate cycling tracks with varying distances 4 km, 6 km and 8 km that can be used for running and cycling.

There is also a children’s cycling proficiency course with roundabouts and cross junction including RTA type road signs to educate on public road usage.

Here are some other great and safer cycling venues

If you’re a beginner it is really not advisable to cycle on main roads so try and find quieter areas with little traffic or traffic that is calmed by speed bumps.

Remember to always wear a helmet!

  • You can get these from where you bought your bike or many sports shops and vary in price from 150 AED to over a 1,000 AED depending on your personal style.

  • Always have lights if cycling at night and make sure you wear high visibility or reflective clothing.


Cycling Laws Dubai, UAE

  • Cyclists are banned from riding on major roads
  • Cyclists found riding on roads with speed limits of more than 60kph face fines of up to AED 600
  • That fine will be doubled for a second offence in the same year
  • Authorities have the right to impound a bike for a month if repeated
  • A AED 300 fine will be imposed on those that ride in a way that endangers pedestrians/other cyclists
  • If found cycling on a track dedicated only for pedestrians, fined AED 200
  • Those carrying a passenger on a bike not designed for two will be fined AED 200
  • Motorists who drive/park their vehicles on dedicated bike tracks will be fined AED 300


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