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10 Reasons To Choose Pilates Over Yoga.

Pilates and yoga are more often than not tossed into the same category. Being that they both emphasize physical and mental strength with their postures (by teaching you how to regulate your body and focus your mind). As a result, there are similar poses which make it difficult to determine distinctions between the two. A major difference between the two is that the focus of Pilates is mostly physical though it requires a considerable amount of mental focus while yoga is a mind/body and spirit exercise. Consequently, yoga is referred to as a ‘practice’ and Pilates, a ‘workout’. Here are our reasons why you should choose Pilates over yoga.

Good Pilates

1. Regular Pilates helps you get a leaner, toner, fitter, more flexible body
That’s what Pilates does. It lengthens and strengthens all the major muscles groups in a balanced manner and activates the core muscle (abs, back etc) giving you the good posture and toned body you’ve been aiming for.

2. You can lose weight faster with Pilates.
Although yoga does contain a few poses that are suitable for toning the abs,it is mostly based on three things; breathing, exercise and meditation. Pilates exercises, on the other hand are much more intense and add the cardio and fitness element to it. That helps you burn the calories faster.

3. Regular Pilates does wonders for your posture
All Pilates Exercises emphasize a lot on good alignment and strengthening of the muscles. The muscles are positioned in an aligned manner so as to not put pressure on other muscle groups but still get activated, resulting in a good, upright posture.

4. Pilates requires just a mat- or an even, comfortable surface
Pilates is simple, all you need to participate in it is yourself and a mat. The exercises are based on your core strength, mental focus and endurance. Not to say that there are no poses in yoga that do not require equipments, there are. But most of them do.

5.Pilates improves stabilization of your Spine
Pilates Exercises are all based on activating your core strength which basically comprises of your lower back, abdomen etc, this automatically strengthens the spine which dramatically affects your overall well-being.

In conclusion, if you want a workout that will tone and sculpt your body in all the right places then pilates is your workout but if you’re looking to free your mind and spirit, choose yoga.

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